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The Kingsdown Conservation Group tries to protect, enhance and stimulate public interest in the Kingsdown area of Bristol. There are over 204 listed buildings in the area and there were a lot more, but in the 1960s, as the Civic Society put it, “The destruction of Bristol’s most important Georgian suburb was perhaps the worst of all the crimes committed in Bristol in the name of progress since the war.”

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  • Kingsdown Jubilee Celebrations

    Kingsdown may not have precise boundaries these days but it does have strong local communities. For many good reasons the events that celebrated and brought those together have rather fallen away even before Lockdown – they can be hard to sustain. 

    A few us wondered if the Jubilee weekend was an opportunity to enjoy those communities, to renew old friendships and make new and it was soon clear that many would welcome an event. Some saw it as a Jubilee celebration others as primarily a community celebration, but all were keen to engage.

    A lunch was the original focus but a fancy dress parade with a band, some stalls, music and children games soon seemed good components.

    Closing the roads was requested and notices acquired but could we find enough tables – for an unknown number and indeed would there be enough children for the fancy dress parade ?

    As the weather forecast turned from sun to possible rain we secured a number of  gazebos. In the event optimism proved well founded. Lots of children – and adults – in the fancy dress parade with a great band; beautifully decorated tables well used for lunch; busy stalls including the much loved Whack the Rat (and  Catch the Carrot ); lots of enjoyable music including the singing of the Kingsdown song and many teas were served with delicious cakes.

    It was a  happy day and with lots of communication (and the  rain only started as we were finishing !) 

    The event raised over £1600, for  the British Red Cross Ukrainian appeal. David Mellor

 Posted by on March 31, 2006