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The Kingsdown Conservation Group tries to protect, enhance and stimulate public interest in the Kingsdown area of Bristol. There are over 204 listed buildings in the area and there were a lot more, but in the 1960s, as the Civic Society put it, “The destruction of Bristol’s most important Georgian suburb was perhaps the worst of all the crimes committed in Bristol in the name of progress since the war.”

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Our website offers community discussions on many diverse topics. Here is the latest news post:

  • Kingsdown Streets & Brunch

    You might not have noticed but there there has been much work and activity on the streets of Kingsdown. There is a Street Scene Group run by volunteers and supported by Kingsdown and Cotham Neighbourhood Watch (KCNHW). Volunteers aim to remove illegal fly-posters, remove graffiti tags with owners’ permission, pick up litter and cut back overgrown vegetation on pavements. They report matters such as fly-tipping and general waste issues to Bristol City Council or other organisations, and they encourage people to take pride in their streets by keeping them clean and well maintained. 

    When a community works together to improve an area, the results are longer lasting than if an individual or the City Council works alone. 

    If you are interested in joining the volunteers, contact KCNHW at samuelthecat@msn.com

    Further to this work, there has been interest expressed in having a Kingsdown Green Spaces Group for gardening, wildlife or conservation work – ffi see under Sustainable Kingsdown.

    At our latest Charity Brunch on Saturday these topics of conversation were discussed, while enjoying the delicious brunch and coffee in the cosy atmosphere of the Kingsdown Vaults. Many thanks to Andy its publican who is making a very community friendly venue for Kingsdown. And thank you to all who contributed to the raising of £270 for the Bristol Churches Winter Night Shelter’s January Appeal. See https://www.crisis-centre.org.uk/winternightshelter

    Next Brunch at the Kingsdown Vaults is on Saturday 7th December.