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The Kingsdown Conservation Group tries to protect, enhance and stimulate public interest in the Kingsdown area of Bristol. There are over 204 listed buildings in the area and there were a lot more, but in the 1960s, as the Civic Society put it, “The destruction of Bristol’s most important Georgian suburb was perhaps the worst of all the crimes committed in Bristol in the name of progress since the war.”

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Our website offers community discussions on many diverse topics. Here is the latest news post:

  • Alfred Place rooftop addition refused permission

    Application No 17/01805/H

    Retrospective application for retention of rooftop extension already built without planning permisssion. (Resulting from Enforcement case 17/30265/EXT)

    This application has been REFUSED.

    Kingsdown Conservation Group and ten local residents opposed the application.

    The Case Officer’s Report and the Decision Letter can be seen in full among the supporting documents attached to the case file on the website of the City Council Planning Department.

    Link: www.planningonline.bristol.gov.uk     (go to Simple Search and insert application number)