Tony Kerr

Mar 042012

Unfortunately, I will be unable to make the AGM on 21st March but would very much like to encourage Kingsdown residents to upload photographs to the online photography site Flickr so that we can have a community album of photographs. Flickr is free and easy to join.KCG has a great site for collecting images, but all the photographs have to be sent to one person for uploading, so I have created a group under the name Kingsdown on Flickr and anyone can upload photographs to the group at this address:

Any photographs of Kingsdown which might be of interest to other residents are encouraged- from architectural interest, seasonal images to community events.

I would very much like this to be added to the agenda if possible,

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information / etc.

Penny Leaver Green

Nov 172006

Friday 24th November 6-8pm at 73 Kingsdown Parade

Celebrate the end of the week (Nov 24th) over some mulled wine & buy local harvest produce in aid of tree planting in Mali (some 360 trees planted as a result of our summer sales!)

It’ll also be a chance to discuss how we might extend the fruit & veg market system we started last summer, using the excess some of us have from gardens & allotments; also to hear about the ‘Kingsdown Harvest Fair’ booked for Sept 22nd ’07.

Helen Simpson ( 9422922) & Sue Hannam (9245983)

** If you’ve got any jams, jellies, chutneys, veg, whatever, which could go in the sale, PLEASE BRING!! **

Nov 172006

The University is holding a meeting on 30th November with local community groups to discuss some of the issues that came up in last year’s consultation about the University Masterplan (now adopted by the City Council as an official planning policy – see details on the Council’s web-site )

The issues include:

* Rubbish & Waste
* Noise & Disturbance
* Traffic & Parking
* Environment

If there are any points you would like raised, please contact us.

You can download the draft Policy (which will be changed to take account of points raised at the meeting)

Oct 312006

Amazingly, there is no database of these on the internet so we have copied the information, a paragraph at a time, from We’ve added a house number and street name at the beginning of each paragraph, but have made no other changes. You can also go and consult the list at the City Council Planning Dept. in Brunel House (behind the Council House).

Download the list as a Word document Kingsdown Listed Buildings

Oct 272006

If you have any problems or questions you’d like to raise with PC Martin Durbin, the local policeman, then you can meet him at a drop-in surgery on Thursday 6th December at St Matthew’s church, any time from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

You can also find his contact details under ‘Other contacts’ over on the right.

Oct 062006


The City Council have approved the University’s Masterplan for its future development. There is a copy of available to download from the City Council’s website. It appears to be probable that the University will develop the Children’s Hospital site first. KCG is debating whether to respond to elements in the proposed plan before the University applies for planning permission. If you wish to express an opinion on, for example, the concentration of the University into a precinct, or the proposed, fourteen story signature block on the Social Science Library site, please email your comments to KCG at


Last summer, the trees that the City Council had planted in the spring, outside Prior’s Fort, died. There are two more dead trees at the west end of Kingsdown Parade. Three dead cherry trees were felled below Dove Street, beside Spring Hill. KCG is in correspondence with the City Council about the replacement of these trees and intends to offer some of its reserve as seed money.

Wheelie bins

On the 25th September, the meeting at the Ark discussed the problem caused by people who don’t have anywhere to keep their wheelie bin off the street. The meeting wrote to the City Council to ask it to press people to find somewhere to keep their bin off the street, or give it up. However, this will create another problem. People without a wheelie bin will be unhappy to keep rubbish indoors for two weeks. The City Council was asked to restore a weekly black bag collection for household waste where people have nowhere to keep a wheelie bin off the street. Waste collection arrangements were said to be more flexible in Clifton. The City Council’s response will be published when it is received.

Councillor Dr. Mark Wright kindly accepted an invitation to attend the meeting.

Recruiting letter

If you live in the Kingsdown Conservation Area, a recruiting letter will be delivered to you shortly. If you are not a member of KCG, please join. If you are a member, please ask friends or neighbours to join. Compared to Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society and the Redland & Cotham Amenity Society, we are a small Conservation Area. The more that we can share work, the more effective KCG becomes.


This is the semi-derelict building on the corner of Cheltenham Road and Bath Buildings. It was formerly a garage and car sale rooms. The owners, Linden Homes, have permission to build a mix of commercial development and 132 new homes. KCG participated in the pre-planning consultation. The façade of the old building is a landmark. It will be retained.

200 photos on the Website

Please visit the new KCG website It has now has a larger photograph gallery. Do you have any historic photographs of the area that you could share with your neighbours?

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the committee is at 8:00 p.m. on the 16th November.

If anyone has a matter of concern about Kingsdown to raise, please email the secretary at

Oct 062006

Dr Mark Wright, one of our ward Councillors, tells us that Council officers are currently reviewing residents’ parking schemes in other towns and cities so that they can make recommendations on what form a Bristol scheme needs to take.

They will also be looking at how to prioritise areas of the city for the implementation of residents’ parking, and there will then be city-wide consultation followed by implementation.

So, the issue hasn’t been forgotten, but doesn’t sound as if it’ll be sorted any time soon.

Oct 062006

The public meeting on 25th Sept produced several ideas for improvements to the situation. John Frenkel combined them into a letter which has been sent to the Director of Neighbourhood Services at the City Council.

You can read the text of the letter here 

Oct 052006

is at 23, Somerset Street on Thursday November 16th.

If you have any items to raise, please tell the secretary, Helen Phillips, (details under ‘Contact Us’ on the right ==>>

Oct 052006

KCG was among several groups which tried unsuccessfully to influence the Council’s policy on involving communities in planning decisions. We made a presentation to a Council meeting and then joined with the Civic Society in a meeting with councillors and officers. No significant changes were made, and in the end the Civic Society felt there was no alternative but to call for an official examination by an indpendent Planning Inspector. The Civic Society then presented a very effective and well-argued submission to the Inspector.

The inspector’s report, sent to the Council in early August, has only just been made available on the Council website. It conculdes the the Council’s statement is ‘unsound’ and so must be withdrawn. The inspector made many criticisms, but also says he feels the Council does actually want to involve people more, so needs to rewrite the statement much more clearly and specifically.

You can read the inspector’s report and some background papers on the Council website here