Oct 132018

Due to the weather forecast for this whole weekend being so wet and windy we decided it was best to postpone the Charity Brunch to Next Saturday – 20th October, 9.30 – 12.

I hope this hasn’t disappointed or inconvenienced anyone. We hope to have our usual delicious bacon or vegan butties and marvellous coffee, while also having bags of quinces, apples and plants for sale.

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Oct 102018

Discussed at September meeting:

‘Urban Living’ This is a BCC policy document about more tall buildings. The group have written complaining that the revised document does not respond to public feedback against tower blocks, obscuring the topography of Bristol. Consultation now closed.

Hospital Proposed Eight-Storey Car Park: Application is still awaited to demolish the existing 250 place Multi Storey Car Park and all of the existing 36 purpose-built flats on Eugene Street in order to build an 820 place replacement Multi Storey Car Park. 

22 Dove Street. It’s noticed that setts have been lifted and replaced with slabs. Group will investigate.

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Oct 052018

Our next Charity Brunch is on Saturday 13th October 9.30 – 11.30,  and as usual it is on the Gravel Triangle, St Matthews’ Road / Back of Kingsdown Parade.  Please come and enjoy delicous coffee and scrumptious food while socialising with your neighbours.

All donations and profits will be going to The Lemon Tree Trust which sets up and organises the creation of gardens in refugee camps especially around the Middle East. So if you have anything from your garden which can contribute to this Brunch – divided up plants; excess produce; flowers or homemade cakes then please bring them along at the setting up.

And then we also need lots of customers to come along and enjoy and share this autumnal event.

Also on Saturday 13th, 11 – 2pm

Brunch on the Green hosted by High Kingsdown Community Association.  There will be a Grand Opening of the new Playground by our Lord Mayor and the local councillor Cleo Lake, together with music,  food and drink.  See noticeboards for more information.

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Aug 252018

Matters discussed at the August meeting

42 Tyndall’s Park Road – The Group has lodged an objection to an application to remove the boundary wall to the street and devote the front garden to hardstanding for three motor cars, in conflict with local and national planning policy.

LED Advertising. In common with other local and national amenity societies, we continue to try to resist the advance of illuminated advertisements in conservation areas and in the setting of listed buildings. This month we have objected to proposals to introduce LED advertising panels to bus stops on Triangle West and at eight further locations.

19 Ninetree HillWe have lodged comment on a current application to extend one of a pair of what may be the earliest remaining, free-standing, semi-detached houses in Kingsdown.

12E Alfred Place – An appeal (Ref: APP/Z0116/W/18/3207120) has been lodged against the refusal of the retrospective application 17/01805/H (which can be seen at www.bristol.gov.uk/planningonline ) to build the roof extension, which can be seen from Montague Place.

Individuals can submit their views on-line, check the information and progress using the Planning Casework Service at https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/CaseSearch.aspx. One should use the last seven characters of the Appeal Ref above to search for this case. Further guidance to taking part in planning appeals is available on the Planning Portal website at www.planningportal.gov.uk/planning/appeals/planningappeals.

The Group and many individuals strongly objected to the application.

Hospital car park. We fear UBHT intend to purse their misguided ambition to demolish all 36 of the purpose-built flats on Eugene Street and also to demolish their existing 250 place multi-storey car park opposite in order to build an 850 place eight-storey car park. A recent ‘drop-in’ event was well attended by Kingsdown residents. The enormous scale of the proposed construction was not clearly shown in the presentation. The Group oppose this shocking scheme.

Old Hospital. Both individuals and the Group had lodged comment in support of the welcome initiative of the Planning Department to extend The St James’s Parade Conservation Area to include the site bounded by Marlborough Street, Whitson Street and Lower Maudlin Street, on which the BRI Old Building, its (recently listed) chapel stand, together with the listed buildings of The Eye Hospital on Lower Maudlin Street

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Aug 172018

A 2nd planning application to turn the laundrette into flats was refused, and the applicant’s 2nd Appeal has again been dismissed. The inspector cited the poor quality of the proposed flats and the negative effect the loss of commercial (not specifically a laundrette) use would have on the character of this part of the Conservation Area. The Redland Cotham Conservation Area Appraisal was published after the previous Appeal and this has strengthened the case against conversion to flats.

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Jul 202018

The Old Building c.1780 ( Upper Mauldin Street ) is the 4th oldest hospital in the UK and Bristol’s largest Georgian building by far.  In November its chapel was listed by Historic England, and in the disappointing absence of the BRI Old Building itself being nationally listed, Bristol City Council is now hoping to protect it by extending the boundary of the adjacent St. James’s Parade Conservation Area to include the BRI Old Building, its newly listed Chapel and the two splendid listed Georgian buildings at 16 & 17 Lower Maudlin Street, which are occupied by the Eye Hospital.


It is vital that all supporters of this proposal (both groups and individuals) respond to the consultation before the 9th August deadline, but sooner if possible.


Please click on the link just below and then the secondary links to study the proposal, and then submit your support if you wish.  Even a short word will do, as every individual response counts as one more towards a successful decision.


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Jul 192018
University Hospitals Bristol Trust (UHBT) is proposing to build a multi-storey car park (MSCP) at the bottom of Marlborough Hill.  To make space for this, it would demolish the 3 blocks of 36 flats located on Eugene Street. It would also demolish its existing 250-place multi-storey car park opposite the flats.
KCG objects to these proposals for several reasons:
1)  If the UHBT MSCP goes ahead, 36 homes would be demolished, which otherwise could be occupied by by UHBT key workers.
2)  The proposed MSCP is enormous (8 storeys tall), hence would have an adverse impact on Kingsdown.
3)  There is the issue of air pollution.  This is already one of the most polluted parts of Bristol (greatly exceeding EU guidelines).  Placing a MSCP here will not improve the situation.
We believe that there are alternatives to a MSCP:
a)  Most patients from outside of Bristol could use 1 of the existing Park & Ride car parks, if the HUBS buses were better coordinated.  The Metro bus has yet to start operating. Clearly, this would be a far cheaper and less disruptive solution.
b)  It would help enormously if more buses stopped on Upper Maudlin Street, in front of the BRI.  UHBT personnel should liaise with First Bus, to make this happen.
KCG is encouraging local residents to attend the drop-in session that UHBT has arranged
Date:        Thursday, 19 July
Time:        4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Place:       Level 9 Restaurant, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol BS2 8HW
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Jun 192018

Minutes of a Committee Meeting held on 6th June 2018 at 42 St Matthew’s Road

Present: Pauline Allen, Pat Harrad, Nick Kidwell, Andy King, Jeremy Newick (minutes), Nigel Tasker (chairman), David Winter

Apologies: Helen Phillips, Sue Paterson, Alastair Gambles

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st May 2018 were approved.

Matters arising: 

DW declared he had not responded on the Group’s behalf to Unite’s pre-application proposals for the redevelopment of the former BRI buildings between Marlborough Street, Whitson Street and Lower Maudlin Street.

AK would circulate the KCG response he submitted to the appeal against the refusal of 17/01973/F – 1 & 3 Cotham Road South – Proposed conversion of the existing shop to residential use.

17/06169/F – Tyndall Avenue – The application proposing closure to motor traffic had not been withdrawn but appeared to be in limbo.

NK and JN are to attend the University Community Forum on 12th June. AK suggested they raise, once again, the disfigurement of the streetscape caused by the present and chronic gap in the terrace of University buildings on the west side of St Michael’s Hill. Replacement buildings should be commissioned.

Agenda items:

Earlier this evening, Helen Phillips and a gathering of members had planted a Hawthorn tree in the Triangular Garden at The Back of Kingsdown Parade.

Planning applications:

18/01057/F – The Ark, St Matthew’s Road – DW would circulate a draft response to the proposal to fence-off an area of ground to form a garden approached via a new door.

18/02025/F – 6 Kingsdown Parade – Proposed restoration of the existing house and the building of 5 further houses. JN to circulate a draft response.

AGM NK would forward the minutes to AK who would put them on the KCG website.

NT undertook to assemble a paper copy of future minutes of each meeting in an appropriate file.

A majority decision indicated a preference to increase the annual subscription of the Group to £10 per household, although that increase would not be introduced at present. An audit of the membership would be made.

A synopsis of each meeting’s business should written by the minute taker, in order for it to be put on the website.

Next meeting: 5th July 2018 at 12A Kingsdown Parade

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Jun 142018

Bristol Civic Society are putting up a blue plaque on the gate of No 87 on Monday 18 June, as Robert Southey (Poet Laureate) lived here briefly in 1801/2.  There will be an unveiling ceremony at 11.00am.  He was born in Bristol and had Kingsdown connections.  It seems to have been his and his wife’s first house (rented), before moving to live with the Coleridges in the Lakes.

also reminder…

Kingsdown Vault’s Street Party  Saturday June 30th



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May 192018

The KCG have bought a ‘Crimson King’ Hawthorn tree to replace the Catalpa which was damaged by wind on the Triangle Garden, St Matthews Road.

The celebration planting will take place on the evening of Wednesday June 6th at about 7 pm. Everyone’s welcome to give a hand – or an opinion –  on all aspects of Kingsdown community gardening.

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