Nov 122019

You might not have noticed but there there has been much work and activity on the streets of Kingsdown. There is a Street Scene Group run by volunteers and supported by Kingsdown and Cotham Neighbourhood Watch (KCNHW). Volunteers aim to remove illegal fly-posters, remove graffiti tags with owners’ permission, pick up litter and cut back overgrown vegetation on pavements. They report matters such as fly-tipping and general waste issues to Bristol City Council or other organisations, and they encourage people to take pride in their streets by keeping them clean and well maintained. 

When a community works together to improve an area, the results are longer lasting than if an individual or the City Council works alone. 

If you are interested in joining the volunteers, contact KCNHW at samuelthecat@msn.com

Further to this work, there has been interest expressed in having a Kingsdown Green Spaces Group for gardening, wildlife or conservation work – ffi see under Sustainable Kingsdown.

At our latest Charity Brunch on Saturday these topics of conversation were discussed, while enjoying the delicious brunch and coffee in the cosy atmosphere of the Kingsdown Vaults. Many thanks to Andy its publican who is making a very community friendly venue for Kingsdown. And thank you to all who contributed to the raising of £270 for the Bristol Churches Winter Night Shelter’s January Appeal. See https://www.crisis-centre.org.uk/winternightshelter

Next Brunch at the Kingsdown Vaults is on Saturday 7th December.

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Nov 092019

Some of the matters discussed by the Committee at their October meeting:

  • University Library. We oppose the inclusion of the large library and its public realm surroundings in a single planning application. We strongly oppose the road closures, but not the proposed library itself.
  • Hospital Car Park. Following Refusal, the applicant is going to Appeal (Informal hearing 21st Jan).
  • Laundrette. The owner’s eligibility for small business rates appears to be sound. Next move to be discussed
  • 12E Alfred Place. Follow up Enforcement notice for removal of unauthorised roof extension.
  • Discussed bike racks near Kingsdown Vault for the use of pub users
  • the group supports David Mellor’s initiative to get the ban lifted on Cotham School children using the shops in Cotham Road South.
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Oct 312019

All are very welcome to our next Brunch, on Saturday 9th November 9.30am – 11.30am.

With our usual jolly good coffee and tasty bacon or vegan butties and delicious homemade cakes (all offers of more gratefully received) the Brunch is this time in the friendly  Kingsdown Vaults (Kingsdown Parade / Clevedon Terrace)

In the warmth and comfort we can have activities for children and ample opportunity to chat with neighbours; swop ideas for community gardening, or solving local problems or saving the planet. 

And all profits of the morning go to Bristol Churches Winter Night Shelter who offer the homeless a warm welcome, safe bed and a hearty meal throughout January.

Also, there is an opportunity for anyone interested in meeting up and discussing a Kingsdown Gardening Group this Sunday, 3rd Nov. on the Gravel Triangle St Matthews Road, 11 am. Lets do some pruning.

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Oct 232019

Kingdown Conservation Group was deeply opposed to the BRI’s proposal to demolish thirty-six flats, and an appropriately-scaled multi-storey car park, in order to build a single monstrous multi-storey car park. 
The application to do so was refused for many well-argued reasons: the council traffic department, which examined the projected traffic flows in great detail, rejected the scheme as unworkable given the area’s already congested and illegally-polluted roads. 
The thirty-six flats are affordable inner-city housing, which should be cherished not flattened. The scheme ignored the destructive visual impact such a huge building would have on Bristol’s historic centre.

The Group recognises that the BRI, as an inner city hospital, should be easier to get to for the infirm, the elderly, wheelchair users, and staff, but believes this could be achieved using infrastructure already in place. There are already serviceable multi-storey car parks in the area, which given the will could be used as part of the transport hub hospital managers say they want.

Destroying perfectly good housing to build a car park is thinking rooted in the 1960’s  The Council was absolutely right to turn down this hopelessly outdated proposal and the Group urges the Inspector now to refuse the appeal.

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Oct 192019

Our website now has a new Tab, Sustainable Kingsdown. Under this heading we are collecting information on many aspects of sustainable living that is particularly relevant to Kingsdown. For instance, Local Climate Groups list local groups who promote ecological and sustainable living and are active in making us aware of climate change issues; Green Spaces proposes a new Gardening Group; Energy can link you to useful organisations to help with saving energy in your home; Transport helps find local Car Clubs or Bike information and Food has lists of local veg box schemes. We hope to keep it well updated. To further help you we now have a new Calendar which can be referenced for local community events or important deadlines.

Next Charity Brunch, a date for your diary. Saturday November 9th 9.30 – 11.30 at the Kingsdown Wine Vaults. Further information later

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Oct 022019

Kingsdown Conservation Group wishes to encourage all its members to visit a display of proposals to radically alter the pattern of road use around and beyond the junction of Woodland Road, Elton Road and Tyndall Avenue. (Although application 17/06169/F to close Tyndall Avenue to motor traffic has not been withdrawn, the current pre-application would supersede it, if it were pursued.)

The ramifications of the proposed changes would be extensive. Much local and through traffic would be obliged to adopt arduous diversion in order to make its way across the city.

These proposals have been prepared by Bristol University and are now unexpectedly included in what is called a second pre-application enquiry to the Bristol City Council regarding the proposed building of a new university library on the site of the present Hawthorns Building, opposite Bristol Grammar School on Elton Road. 

The University has put up a number of display panels in Beacon House, which is next to the Royal West of England Academy BS8 1PX on Queen’s Road, illustrating certain limited aspects of both the proposed changes to road use and of the proposed library. A ‘staffed drop-in session’ will take place in Beacon House on 15th October between 3 and 5 pm. 

The pre-application enquiry consultation period, the display at Beacon House, which is also at The Hawthorns and online at www.bristol.ac.uk/library/about/new-library/ will close on 21st October. 

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Sep 242019

At its September meeting the committee discussed the following:

  • Planning and Enforcement cases.  It has objected to the proposed Heart Institute Laboratory on Marlborough Hill on design grounds and to the proposals for the Western Harbor. The group are involved in pre-application consultations for a new University Library on the site opposite the Senate House (recent plans on view in Royal Fort Gardens). It supports the application on the Old Hospital site opposite the BRI, which retains the main 18c building and Fripps Chapel and is of a greatly reduced scale from previous applications.
  • St Michaels Church. Roof permission now obtained and work is in progress.
  • Flagstones have been purchased to repair the pavements in Kingsdown.
  • Wheelie Bins left on pavements.
  • Laundrette site in Cotham Road South.  Cllr Negus has asked BCC Business Rates why Stafford’s Laundrettes (which own several premises) are claiming ‘small business’ relief.  Response still awaited.
  • Electric Car Charging. There is a current BCC Petition asking for these in Kingsdown.
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Sep 122019

We’ve been asked to publicise the following.  There are now only a few days left to respond:


Two of the three proposals will do irreparable damage to the setting of the suspension bridge, by putting a four-lane bridge across the Avon.  The other is flawed in other ways.  As summarised by Dr Suzanne Audrey:

The three ‘chosen’ options all have serious implications including: environmental harm to the river and riverbank, community severance, harm to historic assets and iconic views of Brunel’s Suspension Bridge, changing the cycle route from a rural to a heavily-trafficked area, increased heavy traffic (a new 4-lane road) alongside the Nova Scotia and Pump House pubs, and increased air pollution. Local residents and businesses (including Riverside Garden Centre) are also fearful about the future of their homes and premises. Dr Suzanne Audrey

There is also a petition to get the council to release other options:


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Jun 212019

Wheelie bins on the pavement are ‘an obstruction of the Highway’ and against city policy. The council says ‘take your bins off the highway as soon as possible after collection.’ If you wish to report an offence, the link is https://www.bristol.gov.uk/complaints/services?type=BINS_RECYCLING_LITTER You can also attach a photograph, if you wish. We would be grateful if you can also inform KCG on kcg@tancrede.plus.com

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