Sep 062016

Thanks to the extra efforts of several neighbours since Saturday’s big tidy up, Spring Hill is looking almost perfect… The litter has been cleared and it is almost weed-free.

We are going to try to finish the job on Saturday 10th September, from 9:00, and then head to the Kingsdown Brunch for a rewarding coffee and cake. All are welcome!

Please bring tools if you have them; I will provide rubbish bags. We hope to see you there!

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Sep 072015

THIS Sunday 13th September… to celebrate Bristol being European Green Capital 2015

  • Big GREEN Bake Off – mystery celebrity judge will award prizes for the greenest, most creative efforts in various categories…
  • GREEN fancy dress competition! Go environmental, or just go GREEN – children and adult entries welcome
  • Lots of children’s games, races, face-painting and more…!
  • Live music
  • Please bring food for the BBQ, salads, puddings, the GREENER the better 🙂

See you there!

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Oct 052014

The KCG committee recently (24th Sept) met with Jon Toy, Bristol City Council’s RPZ liaision officer, to discuss the proposed changes to the Kingsdown zone. Below are summary notes of the meeting.

The KCG will send a response to BCC as a body, but individual members are strongly encouraged to respond also regarding the potential loss of very large numbers of parking spaces for residents in the area and other issues. 
Email tro.comments@bristol.gov.uk noting reference CAE/NMT/P/907.  It is necessary to give your name and address in the email (which may be available within Council documentation for public scrutiny) and to state (if an objection) why one objects. The deadline is 10th October.

Present : Jon Toy (JT) – BCC RPZ Liaison Officer, David Mellor (DM), Richard Harrad (RH), David Winter (DW), Jeremy Newick (JN), Nick Kidwell (NK), Nigel Tasker (NT), Lorna Robinson (LR), Joel Baillie-Lane (JBL) – notes.

JBL thanked JT for taking the time to attend this informal briefing which was organised to appraise attendees of the generalities of the proposed changes to the RPZ.

DM started the discussion by stating that after a recent meeting to discuss the RPZ it was generally agreed that the RPZ was a great improvement on the situation prior to its introduction in 2010, but that pressure on the zone had increased and it was in a ‘fragile’ state at present – hence the concern at some of the proposals, especially the changes to the system relating to business permits, and to the proposed increase of the RPZ catchment area to include some of Stokes Croft.

All present also expressed surprise that BCC were implying ‘consultation’ had taken place, as none of us was aware of anything until about 10 days ago. It was also pointed out that some of the new pressure on the scheme was from the increase in the number of residences in the area from recent developments.

JT replied with some general points on this RPZ and others similar that had been approved and were being implemented.

– Any genuine household in the zone can apply for up to 2 (sometimes 3) permits, but halls of residence and some other developments where car restrictions were specifically mentioned in planning consents can be refused permits

– all RPZs are reviewed after 6 months, and then roughly annually thereafter, so RPZs can be tweaked as required – nothing that is implemented here is irreversible.

– BCC wanted all RPZs to have common ‘systems’ in terms of pricing structure and timings (of zone restrictions), but where necessary variations will be made. As an example the Clifton Central Zone has a 9am to 9pm timespan due to the necessities of the area.

– Generally pricing would be as follows : £48 first permit (currently £30), £96 second permit (£80) and £192 third permit (£200). There are amendments on 4 levels for most to least efficient emissions from cars

– Permits are only granted to applicants who can prove residence in the zone, and whose V5 form shows they are the registered owner of the car. This should prevent some students using ‘parents car’.

– With regard to business permits, at present a legitimate business can apply for 2 permits for ‘staff’, and up to 5 for ‘customers’. This will change to a maximum of 7, but in any combination. Business permits are £250 each, with reductions for faith groups, charities and some small businesses.

– Regarding newly implemented schemes (Clifton Wood, Cotham North) the early feedback is generally positive, but there has been comment that there is not enough ‘Pay and Display’ (P&D)

– Income from the schemes is ring-fenced. The income goes to pay the loan (over an approx 10 year period) for implementation, and then afterwards income can only be spent within the system, so it is self funding.

– JT explained that it was standard policy to have a zone division down the middle of a road – hence the introduction of some Stokes Croft addresses into the zone

Comments in response to JT points were as follows :

– DW and JBL both commented upon the ‘squeezing’ of the existing zone by the introduction of both Stokes Croft and some areas around Whiteladies road into the RPZ. Concern was voiced as to how many businesses in these areas would apply for permits, and how many permits they might be allowed ….. especially the BBC !

– NT asked how the system monitored business permit applications. Legitimate applications for tradesmen and regular customers popping in and out all day are fine, but how does one monitor this to ensure they are genuine and not just being used by normal commuters who are happy to drive into the area and then walk a further mile or so to their place of work. Commuters should use public transport

– RH was concerned about the proposals for The back of Kingsdown Parade. This had very specifically been worked to its existing situation with consultation between BCC and residents 4 years ago. It was now shown as having about 15 less spaces available and those cars would have to park on Kingsdown Parade ….. knock on effect etc ! JT responded that he would check on this specific point as it might (?) be an error. RH pointed out that refuse lorries and emergency vehicles happily use the present arrangement, so there seems to be no need to tinker with it and it would save a lot of time and worry if it could just stay as it is

( Note : since these notes were made BCC have responded that some comments had been made to them by some resident(s) of BOKP that some cars parking there at present did hinder access )

– NK asked whether Kingsdown RPZ could change its hours of operation as Clifton was 9 til 9. JT stated that was something that could be looked into, and it was generally felt that increasing the evening time restriction to 7pm in Kingsdown would be helpful, and would not stop UHB night shift staff using the area

– DM pointed out that from a simple walk earlier he had counted 28 businesses in the side of Stokes Croft being introduced into the zone, and this could mean nearly 200 additional business permits just from this area, plus any residences above the businesses. This could push the zone past it’s ‘fragile’ state into a ‘broken’ state !

– All asked for some data feedback on existing / proposed numbers of permits issued, ration of resident to businesses, how many spaces are there in huge existing and proposed Kingsdown RPZ ….. etc. JT stated he should be able to disseminate data from their systems.

– JBL asked about parking on corners as per Clifton, stating the streets here are very narrow and turning on corners is not easy. JT stated that the corners in Clifton and elsewhere were being taken out of the bays to ease traffic movement and make pedestrian access easier.

– It was generally agreed that representations to BCC about the scheme were better coming from individuals rather than (representative) groups such as Kingsdown Conservation Group.

The meeting closed with JT stating that BCC will respond to ‘show-stopper’ issues or errors (such as BOKP query) and not minor niggles, but that the whole process is monitored and alterations can be implemented as required. However there is no plan for a full scale ‘re-consultation’

The meeting closed with thanks to JT for giving us the briefing – his time was appreciated


In discussions afterwards on the next step forward it was clear the following points were specific concerns that were still outstanding

1 The introduction into the zone of Stokes Croft businesses and possible residences – this would have a serious effect upon the balance of the RPZ

2 The introduction into the zone of areas close to Whiteladies Road and what impact this would have

3 The (hopeful) error in making changes to The Back of Kingsdown Parade – why change what already works perfectly well ?

4 We should ‘flag up’ the possibility of making timing changes – perhaps at a later date

5 The changes generally to Business Permit allocations – how will this affect the number of permits allowed

6 We should ‘flag up’ the lack of confidence in the ‘rigour of the interpretation of operational vehicles necessary for businesses to function’ – ie not commuters !

7 We should ask about only a limited number of streets immediately behind the Stokes Croft area being available for business permits relating to that area

8 We should flag up the fact that no consultation as such has taken place between BCC and KCG or other Kingsdown residents and earlier discussions would have been helpful to give time to sort things out properly – even if that took a bit of work for all parties.

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Nov 122013

Faces of Theatre: Portrait Photography by John Vickers and Angus McBean As part of University of Bristol’s Inside Arts Week the Theatre Collection presents a selection of Angus McBean and John Vickers’ finest portrait photographs. 11th-15th November, 10am-4pm. The Drawing Room, Royal Fort House, Tyndalls Park, Bristol BS8 1UJ

More information in this press release: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/news/2013/9930.html

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Aug 112013

The annual Doors Open Day takes place on Saturday 14th  September: the leaflet with all the details can be found here: http://www.bristoldoorsopenday.org/leaflet.pdf

Kingsdowners may also be interested in a new book, “Inside Bristol: 20 years of Doors Open Day” by Penny Mellor, published by Redcliffe Press. It celebrates 20 years of DOD and while it is not peculiar to Kingsdown, it is written/edited by a Kingsdowner! Copies are available at no.52 Kingsdown Parade, and currently at the Architecture Centre, City Museum, M Shed, TIC, etc.

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Jul 302013

University Hospitals Bristol – Radio Pharmacy building – 13/01930/F

On the 24th July, the planning committee decided to inspect this site before they decide the application for permanent planning permission and to reclad the prefabricated building just below Marlborough Hill Place.

University Banners planning application

The Development Control (Central) Committee approved the University’s planning application for permission to erect public relations the flags in Tyndall Avenue. This was a disappointing result; the banners will be up for the next 5 years. All the local residents’ associations objected because the banners only add to the street clutter and National planning advice is to reduce clutter. The voting was 6 to 3. Alex Woodman – our local Councillor – chaired the meeting and spoke strongly against the proposal. However, most Councillors thought the flags looked nice in a road with little or no architectural merit, so why not have them?

Westmoreland House

Knightstone Housing Association, the city council’s prospective partner in the proposed compulsory purchase order have offered another round of consultation about its plans for the site. KCG considers that it has nothing constructive to add to the debate until Knightstone are in a position to put forward a design for which they have secured funding to build.

Cotham Porter Stores

KCG is delighted that Wickwar Breweries have bought the building and, after refurbishment, will reopen the public house.

Planning applications

Dynamic Heating Services 77 Stokes Croft – 13/02826/F

KCG supports DHS’s planning application to replace the original window panels in their building to improve its climate. It gets very hot and cold in the building.

However, this is an unlisted building of merit; there are few art deco buildings in Bristol. The design of the proposed replacement windows would be unsympathetic because they omit the 1930’s period detail. KCG will give to DHS and to the Planning Department details of the suppliers of period reproduction windows that would achieve what DHS want.

The next committee meeting –

8.00 p.m – Tuesday 10th September. If you want to join Kingsdown Conservation Group, meet the committee or bring anything to their attention, please contact the secretary@Kingsdownbristol.org.uk.

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