Nigel Tasker

Mar 162019

Application No: 18/04977/P
UHBT’s application to demolish all 36 locally-listed flats on Eugene Street, and the existing c.150 place multi-storey car park, in order to build another c.820 place, eight-storey car park alongside was refused planning permission by the planning committee on Wednesday 13th March 2019.

Kingsdown Conservation Group had objected to the application.

The planning case officer’s report to the planning committee recommending refusal can be viewed at

Oct 192018


At their regular meeting in October the Group discussed the following:

Removal of setts on Dove Street at rear of 22 Fremantle Square. We will investigate whether this is on public land.

25 Somerset St planning application for new garage.  The group commented: a preference for a rubble to a brick wall.

Replacement of dead or dying trees.  The group will ask BCC what is available.

The group will investigate putting some hanging signs on our shops in Cotham Road South (as in St Marks Road, Easton).


May 262018

Application No 17/01805/H

Retrospective application for retention of rooftop extension already built without planning permisssion. (Resulting from Enforcement case 17/30265/EXT)

This application has been REFUSED.

Kingsdown Conservation Group and ten local residents opposed the application.

The Case Officer’s Report and the Decision Letter can be seen in full among the supporting documents attached to the case file on the website of the City Council Planning Department.

Link:     (go to Simple Search and insert application number)

Aug 112017
17/01974/F       Bristol City Council

Address 1 – 3 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ
Description Change of use from a Laundrette and Office (Use Class B1) to two dwellings units (Use Class C3).
Decision REFUSED
Appeal Status Unknown
Received Date 02 Jun 2017
Updated 01 August 2017
Sep 012016

There is an application No. 16/04123/LA which seeks permission for converting the ground floor level, installing new kitchen and bathroom, living area and one bedroom.  The building is listed, but the document claims only C20 masonry and features will be disturbed.

Oddly, the documents are headed 97 KP, while the drawings show 79KP. Clarification awaited!

Jun 072016

3 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ
Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use as a dry cleaners since 1992.
Status Pending consideration, but Officer’s Report now on line.
Received Date 23 Feb 2016  Updated 18 March 2016

There were three letters of objection from local residents.  The application has now been withdrawn.

Jun 072016
11 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ

Change of use of the office accommodation (B1 Use Class) to one four bedroom flat (C4 Use Class) at the rear and a retail unit at the front A1 (Use Class), together with shopfront alterations.
Received Date26 Jan 2016
Status: Pending consideration
Jun 062016


99 Kingsdown Parade Bristol BS6 5UJ

a. Repairs to the rear elevation (Back of Kingsdown Parade) b. The creation of an access point to the roof from the top floor of the house c. Installation of a small ensuite shower room in the master bedroom.
Received: Thu 19 May 2016 | Validated: Thu 19 May 2016 |

Status: Pending consideration