Sep 242019

At its September meeting the committee discussed the following:

  • Planning and Enforcement cases.  It has objected to the proposed Heart Institute Laboratory on Marlborough Hill on design grounds and to the proposals for the Western Harbor. The group are involved in pre-application consultations for a new University Library on the site opposite the Senate House (recent plans on view in Royal Fort Gardens). It supports the application on the Old Hospital site opposite the BRI, which retains the main 18c building and Fripps Chapel and is of a greatly reduced scale from previous applications.
  • St Michaels Church. Roof permission now obtained and work is in progress.
  • Flagstones have been purchased to repair the pavements in Kingsdown.
  • Wheelie Bins left on pavements.
  • Laundrette site in Cotham Road South.  Cllr Negus has asked BCC Business Rates why Stafford’s Laundrettes (which own several premises) are claiming ‘small business’ relief.  Response still awaited.
  • Electric Car Charging. There is a current BCC Petition asking for these in Kingsdown.
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Jun 192018

Minutes of a Committee Meeting held on 6th June 2018 at 42 St Matthew’s Road

Present: Pauline Allen, Pat Harrad, Nick Kidwell, Andy King, Jeremy Newick (minutes), Nigel Tasker (chairman), David Winter

Apologies: Helen Phillips, Sue Paterson, Alastair Gambles

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st May 2018 were approved.

Matters arising: 

DW declared he had not responded on the Group’s behalf to Unite’s pre-application proposals for the redevelopment of the former BRI buildings between Marlborough Street, Whitson Street and Lower Maudlin Street.

AK would circulate the KCG response he submitted to the appeal against the refusal of 17/01973/F – 1 & 3 Cotham Road South – Proposed conversion of the existing shop to residential use.

17/06169/F – Tyndall Avenue – The application proposing closure to motor traffic had not been withdrawn but appeared to be in limbo.

NK and JN are to attend the University Community Forum on 12th June. AK suggested they raise, once again, the disfigurement of the streetscape caused by the present and chronic gap in the terrace of University buildings on the west side of St Michael’s Hill. Replacement buildings should be commissioned.

Agenda items:

Earlier this evening, Helen Phillips and a gathering of members had planted a Hawthorn tree in the Triangular Garden at The Back of Kingsdown Parade.

Planning applications:

18/01057/F – The Ark, St Matthew’s Road – DW would circulate a draft response to the proposal to fence-off an area of ground to form a garden approached via a new door.

18/02025/F – 6 Kingsdown Parade – Proposed restoration of the existing house and the building of 5 further houses. JN to circulate a draft response.

AGM NK would forward the minutes to AK who would put them on the KCG website.

NT undertook to assemble a paper copy of future minutes of each meeting in an appropriate file.

A majority decision indicated a preference to increase the annual subscription of the Group to £10 per household, although that increase would not be introduced at present. An audit of the membership would be made.

A synopsis of each meeting’s business should written by the minute taker, in order for it to be put on the website.

Next meeting: 5th July 2018 at 12A Kingsdown Parade

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Jul 212017
Minutes of a committee meeting of Kingsdown Conservation Group 
held on 10th March 2017 
Members present: Andy King (chair) Helen Phillips, Pauline Allen, Richard Harrad, David Winter, Nick Kidwell, Jeremy Newick (minutes), Joel Baillie-Lane
Also present: Josh Brooman
Apologies: Nigel Tasker [emailed but not received]
The death of Charles Grant on 28th February, a longstanding and greatly valued member of the Group, the committee and the community, was noted, with considerable sorrow and regret.
Lorna and Paul Robinson had decided to stand down from the committee. Members expressed gratitude for and appreciation of their contribution over recent years. Lorna would continue her role as joint membership secretary.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Matters arising: 
17/00360/F, 6 Kingsdown Parade – JN had lodged a letter of support on behalf of the Group.
Arts and Social Sciences Library, Tyndall Avenue: AK had made initial steps with the aim of persuading the council to add the building to either the register of locally listed buildings or as an Unlisted Building of Merit in the Tyndall’s Park Conservation Area.
The stilt hedge on Montague Green had been cut by council operatives in February.
Agenda items:
Spring Hill: PA had proposed the Group should discuss the possibility of offering £3000 from KCG’s Spring Hill Fund, via Central Clifton and Hotwells Neighbourhood Partnership Environmental Sub-group, to help pay for the postulated replacement of the existing handrail on the steps of Spring Hill, below Dove Street. The steps are currently being repaired. It was possible that Section 106 money (from a nearby development on Dighton Street) may be available, together with additional funds from council allocation.
The virtues of maintaining the existing handrail as it stands were raised. It was felt that a quote of the cost of replacement should be established, before the notion could be discussed further. PA agreed to pursue such a quote.
The imminent closure of The Kingsdown Vaults on Kingsdown Parade: Evidently Cllr Anthony Negus had expressed a commitment to engineer an attempted transformation of the existing pub into a community asset and enterprise. JB-L would pursue Cllr Negus.
The United Bristol Hospital Trust Quarterly Community Meeting should be held shortly. Cllrs Kye Dudd and Paul Smith are reportedly opposed to the demolition of the block of flats on Eugene Street which would be incurred as collateral damage by the building of the proposed multi-storey car park.
NK and JB-L had attended a pre-application presentation of Unite’s scheme to redevelop the land between Lower Maudlin Street, Marlborough Street and Whitson Street. The proposal would most unfortunately demolish Paty’s BRI Old Building and Fripp’s Chapel. JB-L would draft a response.
The University of Bristol’s Consultation on Tyndall Avenue Public Realm: Alastair Gambles, NK, JB-L & JN had attended a meeting on 1st February.
JN had lodged a response on behalf of KCG with the Vice Chancellor, the Bursar and Avril Baker Associates.
UoB’s pre-application to privatise Tyndall Avenue: AK to forward the KCG response to the City Council.
AGM to be held at 7.00 for 7.30-10.00 at the Undercroft of St Matthew’s Church 27th April. Notices and agenda to be posted.
JB-L is to stand down as secretary at the AGM but wishes to remain a committee member.

St Michael’s on the Mount Without: A public meeting is to be held at the Wills Memorial Building at 6.00pm 6th April. All interested parties are welcome to attend. Discussion will include details of the Civic Society’s architectural competition to address the conundrum of the fate of the grade II* listed church, the main body of which was recently gutted by fire.


Next committee meeting: 1st June. Whereabouts to be arranged.

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Jul 302013

University Hospitals Bristol – Radio Pharmacy building – 13/01930/F

On the 24th July, the planning committee decided to inspect this site before they decide the application for permanent planning permission and to reclad the prefabricated building just below Marlborough Hill Place.

University Banners planning application

The Development Control (Central) Committee approved the University’s planning application for permission to erect public relations the flags in Tyndall Avenue. This was a disappointing result; the banners will be up for the next 5 years. All the local residents’ associations objected because the banners only add to the street clutter and National planning advice is to reduce clutter. The voting was 6 to 3. Alex Woodman – our local Councillor – chaired the meeting and spoke strongly against the proposal. However, most Councillors thought the flags looked nice in a road with little or no architectural merit, so why not have them?

Westmoreland House

Knightstone Housing Association, the city council’s prospective partner in the proposed compulsory purchase order have offered another round of consultation about its plans for the site. KCG considers that it has nothing constructive to add to the debate until Knightstone are in a position to put forward a design for which they have secured funding to build.

Cotham Porter Stores

KCG is delighted that Wickwar Breweries have bought the building and, after refurbishment, will reopen the public house.

Planning applications

Dynamic Heating Services 77 Stokes Croft – 13/02826/F

KCG supports DHS’s planning application to replace the original window panels in their building to improve its climate. It gets very hot and cold in the building.

However, this is an unlisted building of merit; there are few art deco buildings in Bristol. The design of the proposed replacement windows would be unsympathetic because they omit the 1930’s period detail. KCG will give to DHS and to the Planning Department details of the suppliers of period reproduction windows that would achieve what DHS want.

The next committee meeting –

8.00 p.m – Tuesday 10th September. If you want to join Kingsdown Conservation Group, meet the committee or bring anything to their attention, please contact the

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Sep 122012

Click here for a full copy of the minutes including “Action by” column

Minutes of meeting – 8.00 p.m – 11th September 2012 at 27 Fremantle Road

Andy King
Pauline Allen (chair)
John Frenkel (minutes)
Nick Kidwell
Jeremy Newick
Helen Phillips
Lorna Robinson
Nigel Tasker
David Winter
Mary Wright

Not present
Robin Marlow (apologies)
Duncan Pepper

Minutes of meeting
10th July 2012 – any amendments were incorporated before the meeting into the saved copy of the minute.

Apologies Robin Marlow

UHB Oncology Centre extension
The city council have granted planning permission for the extension.

Horfield Road
The committee noted that the former garden site is now up for sale. JF will write to the planners about the continuing harm that this neglected area of land does to the conservation area.
6 Kingsdown Parade
Nothing appears to have progressed
Woodland walk
The committee noted the completion of the new path through this area and that there are a number of trees marked for felling or reduction. NT dislikes the introduction of CCTV.

Welcome Centre
Construction of the new BRI has begun

The committee noted that PA paid John Waters £120 his account for setting up the website and posting material for a year. Kingsdown Homegrown and the Neighbourhood Forum will also have pages. JF will liaise with JW to ensure that KCG message posted on the site are routed to him. The domain name is Kingsdownbristol but will revert to Kingsdown Conservation soon.

Spring Hill improvement
Spring Hill improvement – go for what we want with the handrail – one bollard – don’t want clutter

Bear Pit
PA has been invited and will join the Improvement Committee to represent KCG. The committee liked the creeper and discussed the location of the stage and the crane. The interior should remain as green as possible. Work could start next year. When there are grade level pedestrian and cycle crossing it is probable that most people will avoid the underpasses.

Planning applications

37 Somerset Street – 12/02579/H
JF reported that he submitted KCG’s response to the planning application. However, planning permission has been granted because the development will not be seen from the public realm

Western College Family Practice – 12/02376/F
JF reported that he submitted KCG’s response to the planning application to support R&CAS reasoned response. The application remains pending.

TA Centre – Whiteladies Road
The committee noted Anne White’s submission to the city council that they should acquire the site for a primary school. The committee thought that AW should omit any reference to the financial aspects to avoid diluting her principle. There appears to be no one leading any campaign.

Kings Arms planning appeal
JF reported that he represented KCG at the informal planning appeal hearing earlier in the day. The Committee thanked Stephen Macfarlane for collating the information about High Kingsdown properties whose occupiers have asked for exemption to council tax because they are students. The Planning Inspector would not have had this information without Stephens efforts

Bristol Entertainment Centre – 12/03671/F
The Committee approved a response to this planning application to demolish the ice rink and to build accommodation for 442 students. After some discussion the committee accepted that a more vigorous protest at the loss of the ice rink would not serve any purpose because there is no ice rink users group to support. The response will be made jointly with the Civic Society and the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter.

Lamp columns
The committee discussed the price for new Victorian lantern tops to the cast iron columns 2 & 3 on Ninetree Hill. PA was authorised to offer £600 matching funding to a grant application to Neighbourhood Partnership.

Kingsdown Residents’ Parking Scheme
The committee noted that the city council has begun to implement the revisions to the Traffic Order. NK reported that he has greater difficulty parking in the evening because hospital staff park in the residents’ parking area. The scheme can be reviewed in a year.

Autumn event
LR will organise a public event in St. Matthew’s crypt. NS will give her the name of a speaker, recommended to him, whose topic is the early history of Bristol swimming baths. The committee agreed to publicise the event by advertisement, not by household leaflet.

Kingsdown Homegrown
The committee agreed to staff the KCG recruitment stall
2-3 MW and AK
3-4 NT and JF
4-5 LR and NK
HP will arrange a pitch for the stall
JF will arrange for the supply of boards a table and historic photographs and set up the stall for 2.00

Next Meeting – 8.00 pm – Next Meeting – 8.00 p.m – Tuesday 16th October at – TBA

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