May 252018

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May 192018

The KCG have bought a ‘Crimson King’ Hawthorn tree to replace the Catalpa which was damaged by wind on the Triangle Garden, St Matthews Road.

The celebration planting will take place on the evening of Wednesday June 6th at about 7 pm. Everyone’s welcome to give a hand – or an opinion –  on all aspects of Kingsdown community gardening.

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May 032018
  • the Kingsdown Vaults will be holding a street party outside the pub on Saturday June 30th.

Andy Bridges wants to have stalls, games etc as well as music. If you would like to help or have ideas contact

  • Planning

    • 6 Kingsdown Parade (on the corner of Marlborough Hill and Kingsdown Parade) 18/01535/F – Proposal to demolish and build 3-bedroom house. The Group supports the application, with minor comments on aspects of its design.

    • 12E Alfred Place 17/01805/H – Retrospective permission sought for an attic extension, built without planning permission. The group opposes the application.

    • The former launderette at 1 & 3 Cotham Road South – Appeal against Refusal of planning permission to convert shop to flats. The Group supports the Refusal; it would like to see a shop there.

    • BRI Old Hospital. Unite are consulting on revised, somewhat reduced, outline proposals (504 students instead of 715 and a medical school). S.C.Fripp’s Chapel is now listed Grade 2 and would be retained. What is thought to be the largest surviving Georgian building in Bristol, Thomas Paty’s Old Hospital Building itself would be entirely demolished. The Group favours the retention and reconfiguration of elements of the Old Hospital Building. Many hundreds of letters of objection opposed an earlier scheme involving demolition. There was one letter of support.

    • Proposed demolition of the Eugene Street flats and their replacement with an 8-storey Hospital Car Park. Planning application awaited.

  • If you like weeding…we will be attacking the goosegrass etc on Montague Green: Thursday 10th May 2pm.

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Apr 112018

AGM 18th April

A reminder that our AGM will be held next Wednesday, 18th April at St Matthews Church. Doors open at 7.30 and the short AGM begins at 8pm with a talk afterwards by our neighbour Harry Marshall of Icon Film. There will be a bar for refreshments and plenty of time to chat and discuss Kingsdown matters. Everyone is welcome, so please let anyone new to Kingsdown know about the evening.

Lord Mayor’s Medal for David and Penny Mellor

Last week David Mellor and Penny Mellor each received the Lord Mayor’s Medal for their respective charitable and voluntary work championing Bristol’s architecture and heritage.

They were among 21 people awarded, acknowledged for dedicating their time to promoting the city, supporting their community and charity fundraising .The Awards Ceremony took place at the Mansion House last week (Thursday 22 March) with the Lord Mayor’s Medal Citation reading:

David Mellor – for his charitable work championing better buildings in Bristol

For more than 20 years David, of Kingsdown, has chaired the board of the Architecture Centre in Bristol and championed having contemporary buildings and a better built environment. He helped it to achieve Arts Council status as a National Portfolio Organisation and although he has passed on the role of chair, he remains a strong supporter of the charity.

Penny Mellor – for her voluntary work to promote Bristol and its history                                       Penny, of Kingsdown, established the Bristol Doors Open Day, which is an annual event whereby buildings and places of interest across the city open their doors to the public to celebrate, for free, Bristol’s heritage, community and history. Since 1994 she has organised Bristol Doors Open Day alongside a small team of volunteers and 80 venues now take part. Penny no longer runs the event but remains a very active supporter.

Penny also organised the Kingsdown 250 Exhibition in1990 and has written several books about Kingsdown , the most recent in conjunction with Mary Wright.

See also

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Apr 012018

Delayed from last month, the Kingsdown Charity Brunch will go ahead on Saturday 7th April in its usual place on the Gravel Triangle, Back of Kingsdown Parade/ St Matthews Road from 9 – 11.30 or until food runs out. Scrumptious bacon butties or delicious vegan baps served with really good coffee.  Please come and support us and tell your neighbours. This very sociable event funds help for the casualties of the war torn Middle East.

On Wednesday 18th April we will be holding the AGM of Kingsdown Conservation Group. This year we have an illustrated talk by one of our neighbours, Harry Marshall of Icon Films, titled ‘We’ll fix it in the edit’. The doors open in St Matthews’ Church, Clare Road at 7.30 pm with the AGM starting at 8pm. There will be a bar for refreshments and plenty of time to talk about what you think is important in Kingsdown today. Everyone welcome.

The city wide consultations on important issues in Bristol (Bristol Local Plan Review, New Urban Living SPD and HMO licensing) will run until April 13th for your comments.

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Feb 282018

Next Kingsdown Charity Brunch

Due to the daunting weather forecast for the next few days we have decided to postpone the next Brunch, scheduled for this Saturday ( 3rd March ) until Saturday 7th April. Sorry for any inconvenience and we hope to see you there in better weather.

Sunday Cake Sale

The weather forecast has not put off the enthusiasm of some of Colston’s Primary School pupils who are having a Cake Sale on the Gravel Triangle this Sunday, 4th March, 10 – 11.30 in aid of new equipment for their school’s playground.

Theft of more Paving Slabs

Spring Hill’s paving has been targeted again by thieves who have prised up several more of it’s pennant stones. Please be vigilant especially late at night  and inform the police by phoning 101

On the wider front there are two consultations, on important issues, happening in our city. These include Housing; Employment Land; Student Accommodation and Air Quality.

Bristol Local Plan Review

Your views are being asked for about changes to the Bristol Local Plan.

The Local Plan Review consultation proposes updates to the policies for deciding planning applications, guiding development in the city over the next twenty years.  The reviewed Local Plan will help deliver the new homes and jobs we need, shape our city for the future and safeguard the environmental assets we value most.  The proposals have a focus on delivering new and affordable homes.  The results of this consultation will help to shape a draft plan which will be consulted on later this year.

The Local Plan review consultation document can be viewed at and in local libraries.  The web site and consultation document includes details of how to respond.  Comments should be submitted by 13th April 2018.

New Urban Living SPD

The city is also consulting on a new supplementary planning document on urban living which will explain how successful, liveable places can be created at high densities. The consultation has gone live at:-
and will also run until 13th April 2018.


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Feb 062018

This week, Wednesday 7th there will be a weeding session for Montague Green and the surrounding pavements. Everyone welcome. Meet on the green at 10 am with gardening gloves and we will have hoes and spades and pruning equipment.

On following Wednesdays in February the weeding sessions will be in High Kingsdown. Meet in the Playground at 9.30am.

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Jan 242018

Although it is a quiet time of year, there are still some issues that residents of Bristol might wish to be kept informed about.  For citywide issues affecting us, you might like to sign up for Councillor Mark Wright’s Cabot eNews at :-

Consultation on Bristol’s Parks. As you might know Bristol’s Parks department are to have their budget cut by 2/3 rds. and economies have to be made and income generated. The consultation for these plans are open until 29th January on this link   The independent group, Bristol Parks Forum have their own analysis of the plans on their website

Trees, Green and Weedy.  For those that would have a concern about the state of our green spaces, High Kingsdown have a Weeding Wednesday on January 24th and 31st. ( Meet 9.30 in the High Kingsdown Playground, all tools supplied )  They have kindly agreed to lend us their tools to use on the following Wednesday,   February 7th.  Anyone interested in weeding, maintaining or discussing our Green Spaces or pavements please meet at 10 o clock on Montague Green, with gloves.

Advance notice of the Great Bristol Spring Clean, March 2nd – 11th. Bristol Waste Company are loaning out litter picking kits. Contact them by emailing

Kingsdown Past and Present   We will be hosting a presentation of KCG archive photos (as shown at our last AGM) at the Kingsdown Wine Vaults on Wednesday 21st February. 7pm onwards. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a jolly evening reminiscing and maybe meeting new neighbours. If you have any photos of any event or time in Kingsdown do bring them along!

Empire on Film Night. Ingrid Sinclair has curated a film night from the 2,000 or so films in Bristol Record’s Empire and Commonwealth collection. Home movies ( re-mastered) from far and wide in the British empire. Wonderful stuff. February 7th 6 – 8.30 at the City Museum. £10

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Dec 302017
The committee of the Kingsdown Conservation Group would like to wish all residents a Very Happy and Positive New Year.
 Here are a few of the topics we discussed and acted upon in 2017:
1. Bristol University’s proposal to close Tyndall Avenue to all vehicles. The committee of the KCG would like the University to consider a Shared Space option instead, which means that pedestrians and vehicles share the road – with the right planning this works really well, as in Exhibition Road, London. The University plans to redirect the traffic – even buses – down narrow St Michael’s Park. This application is open for comment until January 10th on the BCC Planning website.  Application Number 17/06169/F 
2. The Old Building of the BRI. The Chapel has now been listed by Historic England. Although this scuppered the proposed planning application by Unite, there is some doubt over whether permission to clear the site still exists. We await new events.
3. St Michael’s on the Mount.  There are plans to re-use the building as a community space.
4. Thefts of our pennant stone paving happened in October. We’re open to ideas on how to safeguard our pavements.
5. The triangle garden at the west end of St Matthew’s Road suffered the loss of its Catalpa tree in the high winds. We hope to plant a more robust tree (or trees) in the new year.
6. Due to threatened budget cuts there is uncertainty about the maintenance of our Parks and Green Spaces. We need to discuss how much help the community can give to the care and maintenance of our streets and open spaces, and who should organise this.
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Dec 182017


The university has submitted an application to close Tyndall Avenue to traffic, remodel it as a pedestrian and cycle route and to manage it as part of their estate. Bus routes will be diverted via S Michael’s Park.

KCG has raised concerns over this proposal at pre-app stage (see attached) and will be writing regarding the proposals now submitted for planning consent.

There are three applications:

17/06169/F (main application)

17/06170/LA (listed building application)

17/06171/F (demolition in conservation area)

All can be found on Bristol City Council website (

We would encourage people to write in regarding the application, which can be done online.

The deadline for comments is 4th January 2018

This plan can be viewed on our noticeboards


Our Response to the Pre-Application August 2017

Kingsdown Conservation Group (the Group) is grateful for the recent opportunity to see the current version of the University’s proposals for Tyndall Avenue and St Michael’s Park.
The Group notes that there appears to be a tacit understanding between the City Council and the University that the desire to “maintain two-way vehicular traffic” on Tyndall Avenue described in the University’s Strategic Master Plan, SPD 11, has been abandoned; indeed, the “Stopping up of Tyndall Avenue” was a requirement of the brief written by the University with regard to its present enterprise of re-landscaping Tyndall Avenue.
If it is the case that the City Council has accepted the principal of overturning SPD 11 in this respect, the Group sees no benefit in prolonging the argument, although it recognises that the problematic matters associated with privatisation of a public street concerning rights of access, behaviour, assembly and so forth, should be aired as soon as possible.
Despite the efforts of consultants to present St Michael’s Park as a feasible alternative thoroughfare, there remains a strong feeling that St Michael’s Park will not easily carry the volume of traffic required. Of particular concern to the Group, the turning circle of buses seems to have caused a proposal to realign the pavement at the south-eastern corner of the boundary wall of the Queen Anne, Grade II listed Oldbury House. Historic England’s listing description particularly notes both the symmetry of the entrance front of the building and its wrought-iron front garden railings; neither should be upset. 
At some later date, the restricted scale of the junction of St Michael’s Park and St Michael’s Hill caused by execution of the University’s present grand project should not be used as an argument to support a proposal to demolish Twist and Whitley’s increasingly valued Arts and Social Sciences Library.
The Group is not persuaded of the virtue of the loud, swirling paving proposed for Tyndall Avenue. It is felt that the orthogonal character of the street should inform the landscape of the space between the buildings. The proposed, diverting pattern-making seems to be intended to conflict with the established streetscape: it would lead one’s attention away from the experience of being at the core of the institution. Each building’s architectural qualities should be celebrated, as the street presents of series of stylistic approaches, that in combination tell a valuable story of the development of the University.
While the Group welcomes the ambition to extend the ecology of flora and fauna of The Royal Fort into Tyndall Avenue, the proposed planting of stilt hedges, trees and other associated features should make the most of the present geometry of architectural form, mass and perspectives, rather than present the onlooker with confusing cross-currents, scattered with the misplaced forms of a retreating tsunami.
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