May 262018

Application No 17/01805/H

Retrospective application for retention of rooftop extension already built without planning permisssion. (Resulting from Enforcement case 17/30265/EXT)

This application has been REFUSED.

Kingsdown Conservation Group and ten local residents opposed the application.

The Case Officer’s Report and the Decision Letter can be seen in full among the supporting documents attached to the case file on the website of the City Council Planning Department.

Link:     (go to Simple Search and insert application number)

May 042018

This is the last week of the consultation on the Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document, which will determine what Bristol looks like for the next 50 years. Yet there’s been almost no press coverage. Mayor Marvin Rees is aggressively pushing a high rise agenda which is:
Destructive of the city’s heritage
Threatening to its economic future
There’s a profound democratic illegitimacy about this. It is completely wrong to launch such a major plan, which will fundamentally change our beautiful city’s appearance, without the Mayor having mentioned it in his electoral campaign, and without ordinary people having been consulted during the long consultations on the future of the city which took place from 2015-2017.

There was simply no mention of tall buildings in his campaign.

Nor in the initial consultations which led to the ‘Urban Living’ document, as explained here

Yet now the entire appearance of the city is under threat, starting with planning permission being given for a 26-floor skyscraper block of flats on the SE corner of Castle Park. Which we are told is great – because the Mayor’s planning team says it will ‘bring legibility’ to that corner of the park. In what theory of urbanism do you need 26-floor skyscrapers at park corners in order to ‘bring legibility’ to them?

All this is wrong. It is immoral. It is undemocratic.

The distinctiveness of our historic city which attracts so many bright and creative young people to its vibrant streets will be spoiled by homogenous high rises, the poor quality of which is already sadly apparent in the artists’ drawings for sites to which planning permission has been given.

Unless we act now, the city will be studded with second-rate tall buildings, which in turn will set precedents for further tall buildings. There will be no going back. The nightmare of the 1970s will be repeated. Already the Mayor is rushing, head-on, in the direction of making the city like Leeds – ugly clusters of high-rises, overwhelming the charm of our much-loved city.

And as one councillor said to me: “This is perhaps the biggest mistake the City will make in 20 years.”

Hence this campaign.
How to make your views known to the council
Please get in touch at

I have just put up The Bristol Campaign Against High Rises, a knowledge-base for Bristol groups campaigning about this important issue. Also, as a way to link groups. There’s also a pdf setting out the case against high rises in Bristol here.

Aug 112017
17/01974/F       Bristol City Council

Address 1 – 3 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ
Description Change of use from a Laundrette and Office (Use Class B1) to two dwellings units (Use Class C3).
Decision REFUSED
Appeal Status Unknown
Received Date 02 Jun 2017
Updated 01 August 2017
Jun 072016

3 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ
Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use as a dry cleaners since 1992.
Status Pending consideration, but Officer’s Report now on line.
Received Date 23 Feb 2016  Updated 18 March 2016

There were three letters of objection from local residents.  The application has now been withdrawn.

Jun 072016
11 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ

Change of use of the office accommodation (B1 Use Class) to one four bedroom flat (C4 Use Class) at the rear and a retail unit at the front A1 (Use Class), together with shopfront alterations.
Received Date26 Jan 2016
Status: Pending consideration
Jun 062016


99 Kingsdown Parade Bristol BS6 5UJ

a. Repairs to the rear elevation (Back of Kingsdown Parade) b. The creation of an access point to the roof from the top floor of the house c. Installation of a small ensuite shower room in the master bedroom.
Received: Thu 19 May 2016 | Validated: Thu 19 May 2016 |

Status: Pending consideration

Jun 062016

It seems that the planning application by UNITE to convert the Old Building into their own HQ and a medical school, and build 742 student units on the lower portion of the site is SLIPPING UNDER THE RADAR

To date there is only 1 objection to the application (from KCG) and 2 neutral comments to be found on the Planning Portal. I think the general consensus is that the Old Building refurbishment and the retention of Fripps Chapel is positive, but the proposed student accommodation to the south is FAR too high and will completely dominate the surrounding streets and buildings

I have negotiated a short time extension for comments to the 15th June with Charlotte Sangway ….. and I’d like to encourage you all to look at the application and comment (as you see fit) before the deadline. A lot of people have spent a lot of time in Pre App discussions with UNITE and I think the submission flies in the face of most objective comment at those meetings.

Please forward this to friends and neighbours who you think might also wish to comment

Thank you

Joel Baillie-Lane
Sec Kingsdown Conservation Group

Jun 062016

16/01402/X  5 Kingsdown Parade, BS6 5UD   Old Co-op Building – Unlisted Building of Merit

Variations to layout and changes to windows from earlier granted application 14/01723/F

KCG response:  OPPOSED

Status: pending consideration. Decision expected 6 June 2016