Aug 142010

Good things on Kingsdown Parade

15 Kingsdown Parade – Thank you Care and Repair for replacing and improving the oriel window. Over time, each small architectural detail lost lessens Kingsdown’s quality. The KCG paid £430.55 towards the extra cost of replacing the original timber cladding, under the window, with render.

59 Kingsdown Parade – Thank you Alan Campbell for the rebuilding your wall facing 59 Kingsdown Parade.

Satellite dishes – Thank you the owners of the satellite dish on Apsley Villas for moving it off the Villa’s front wall to somewhere inconspicuous… KCG are trying to persuade the owners of two more satellite dishes to move them so that they don’t spoil their house fronts.

Montague Green – Discussions continue with the Council about the installation of another seat(s), to give a view down Montague Hill.

Spring Hill improvement – Discussions continue with the Council about spending the money that the Unite will pay to the Council to offset the impact of the new student accommodation in the Alexandra House and King Square House redevelopment. KCG wants to see the money spent on making the bottom of Spring Hill look as good as King Square.

Fremantle Square phone box – BT say that they will inspect the condition of the, still used telephone box, which is neglected and covered by ivy.

St. James Barton conservation area character appraisal – committee members will help the Council with the next inner City conservation area character appraisal.


The Council has said that it will take action under the Environmental Protection Act against users of waste bins who leave them permanently on the pavement. In Kingsdown, 22 houses are affected.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday the 10th August 2010. If you wish to meet the committee or bring any matters to their attention, please contact the

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