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With a Climate Emergency declared both Nationally and Locally we would like to report what is happening in Kingsdown. Many groups which have been set up to give information about climate change and sustainability so here are links to those groups nearest to us.
Bristol Energy Network.

Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Energy Group. Has a Facebook Page or contact Climate Action   Also has a Facebook Page or contact
Of particular interest to us in Kingsdown is the BCC Petition being circulated on the Installation of Electric Car Charging Plug In Points
It should be mentioned that reducing the number of cars on our streets would be of greater benefit to us all and we should make more use of the local Car Clubs
And belatedly we would like to thank Brian Harper of Sight Designs Ltd, (of Malvern) who have re-manufactured our historical Gas Lamps in Back of Kingsdown Parade and brought them into the 21st Century with the following improvements, New efficient burners. Automatic operation. Electronic Ignition. Near Zero light pollution. Reflectors optimised for location. Brighter Light. Uses Much Less Gas. Far Lower Maintenance Costs with  80% Smaller Carbon Footprint.
Of interest my be the article on his dog poo powered gas lamp. Maybe Kingsdown should invest in this inventive technology

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  1. Bristol City Council was at one point also offering residents bicycle shelters, but as far as I am aware none have been placed for a number of years, with none in Kingsdown. For those of us with limited storage options, this would be very useful and would also help with reduced use of polluting vehicles. Perhaps we could ask if these could be re-introduced locally.

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