Feb 122020

The University has now lodged the following application:

20/00433/F | Demolition of existing structures and redevelopment of the site to accommodate a new University of Bristol Library. The creation of an enhanced public realm within the surrounding area between Woodland Road junction with Tyndall Avenue, Elton Road and St Michael’s Park; with associated works (Major Application). | The Hawthorns Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1UQ

Members are encouraged to look at the application, on the Bristol City Council website, which involves not only the building of a new library but also significant changes to traffic use, including the closure of nearby roads to motor cars. The ramifications would be extensive.

The closing date for comment is 4th March 2020.

 Posted by on February 12, 2020

  One Response to “Proposed Multi-Storey University Library and Closure of Roads to Motor Vehicles”

  1. If this is passed there should be a requirement for the university to significantly increase on-site parking and remove parking permissions in the nearby RPZs including KN zone

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