Aug 192020

Bristol City Council has recently confirmed that the university’s planning application 20/00433/F includes the closure of Tyndall Avenue to eastbound motor traffic, apart from buses. Woodland Road would be closed to motor cars between the Senate House and the new library. Revised details can be seen on the city council’s website.
Together with other unrelated proposed changes in the locality to traffic movement, car journeys would be meandering and time-consuming. 
The closing date for comment is now 26th August 2020.

Application number 20/00433/F University Library and associated road closures

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  7 Responses to “Proposed University Library and Road Closures: Revised Details”

  1. “Car journeys would be meandering and time consuming” – if you take that attitude, you are committing yourself to a car-dominated environment. Surely one wants to arrange things so that within towns, walking and/or cycling typically gets you to your destination faster than taking a car.

    • The impact is not only on car journeys, but also access for emergency vehicles, carers, deliveries, tradespeople and services, and potentially the viability of local shops. Not all of these can be replaced by walking and cycling, desirable as that may be.

  2. Closing Tyndalls Avenue long with the proposed traffic restrictions on St Michaels Hill will turn Kingsdown into an impenetrable area to access.
    This will have a detrimental effect on the residents.

  3. I still remain concerned that the size of the proposed library is out of proportion with the surrounding buildings on Woodland Rd and Elton Rd. As for the traffic proposals, these make much more sense than the previous proposal to completely pedestrianise Tyndall Avenue and reroute all traffic including the buses to St Michael’s Park. Yes it will make the vehicle routes between Kingsdown and Queens Rd a little more convoluted but not ridiculous.

  4. There are 488 documents in this planning application. I have spent some time searching through them but I cannot find a simple map that shows the proposed traffic restrictions/changes. Does one exist? And if so, perhaps someone can indicate how I find it?

    • Matt,
      I had the same experience but shall avoid expressing any reaction here because I don’t want to fire up Captain Mainwaring.
      I suggest you ask the case officer Paul Chick to tell you which particular document illustrates the road traffic proposals. Meanwhile, the documents supporting the recent Senate House application 20/00197/F should show earlier but similar proposals.

  5. I oppose the one way system for cars on Tyndalls Avenue, as it is an important access route for Cotham and Kingsdown residents. It is needed to access Queens road and Park Row and for the return journey home. There is no left turn at the junction of Tyndalls Park and Whiteladies Road to access Queen’s road, and the St Michaels Road junction is narrow and congested and this will get worse with the changes that are proposed.
    I also do not agree to pedestrianise a section of Woodland Road by the proposed new library, students would spill over onto Tyndalls Avenue and St Michaels Park junctions and cause delays for cars to exit.
    A bridge could be built for students to cross Woodland Road. Students are at the University for three years whereas residents live here for decades and should be the priority.

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