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At the end of 2021, with its covid troubles, we look back on all the inspiring work that’s been happening in Kingsdown this past year.

Firstly we would like to thank Graham Syrett for all his efforts to keep our community informed and connected. His Neighbourhood Watch email list has expanded to encompass many topics such as lost property, neighbourhood events and initatives, BCC’s timetables, and generally helpful and cheering news.

And thanks too to all the instigators of the many street WhatsApp groups that give support and connections to their neighbours.

Friendly Neighbours. One of these topics has been the setting up of a local group called Friendly Neighbours. They set out to do what friends and neighbours would do for one another, but scaled up to reach the wider community, particularly those who are less advantaged and in accommodation that doesn’t have the space and facilities that the rest of Kingsdown enjoys. 

Working through local organisations, from schools to food clubs, FN encompasses one community across the whole of Kingsdown – children, families and individuals  and are ready to offer engagement in activities, services and chats.  The support of Kingsdown residents, in cash and kind, has supplied food vouchers to those in need; supplied themed bags for outdoor play, and brought cheer and treats to isolating adults and children.

Younger members of the group also successfully helped with the application for funding for two projects – the improving of outside spaces for play and gardening, and the empowerment of women through English lessons. The Dove Street flats is now a community with its own newsletter The Dove and WhatsApp groups. If you would like to be part of Friendly Neighbours to wish to donate please contact.

Kingsdown Sports Centre. Later in the year it came to our attention that our local Sport Centre was under the threat of closure from Bristol City Council.  This came to a head on 14th December when over 30 local residents and Kingsdown Sports Centre users braved the December drizzle to make clear their concern about the possible closure of this longstanding and much-used community facility outside City Hall.  Although the Cabinet were meeting, the issue of the site’s possible closure wasn’t on the agenda this time.  However the group wants to begin to gauge community feelings, raise the profile and gain support for the campaign, before the matter is debated at the Cabinet meeting on the 8th February.

The Centre has been a feature of the local scene for 50 years in its present form, and we estimate it has 900 active users from all sections of the community.  We are hoping that the Council will continue to include the Centre as part of its leisure centre offer, but if not, we will work to see if a community-based approach to running and managing the Centre can be developed.
If you want to get involved please go to the Facebook page: savekingsdownsportscentre.

Advent windows. Our spirits were raised near the end of this year by the various creative displays along the streets of Kingsdown during Advent. The bold and ingenious displays supported the ‘Shine Bright for Bristol Children’s Hospital’ appeal,

You can still donate at if you wish.

Thank you to everyone who has cheered and inspired us this year and we wish everyone a Very Happy New Year and hope for a bright and safe 2022.

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