Jun 102009

Brandon Hill

Beverley Ward of the Friends of Brandon Hill writes:

We are carrying out a survey to get views on possible development of the old bowling green site in the park and attached is a questionnaire

You can e-mail your completed questionnaire to: bristolparks@bristol.gov.uk or send it to the following FREEPOST (no stamp required) address:

Brandon Hill – Former Bowling Green Survey (VA/Col33)
P O Box 595
BS99 2BR

The closing date for the return of the questionnaire is Sun 19th June 2009.

Deborah Evans, a local resident, writes:

I am afraid I cannot choose any one of them over the others.

What seems crucial to me is that each of the three proposals excludes the other groups of people who are using it now.

Surely we want our park to include as many people and as many imaginative uses as possible, and a space that remains as flexible (and therefore inclusive) as the slightly substandard space we have today.

You can read the full text of Deborah’s letter here.

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