Homegrown, part urban street fair, part old- fashioned village fete, is Kingsdown’s new annual festival.

Kingsdown has a reputation for being especially community-minded and for a long time this was epitomised by the popular and successful Street Fair, run every year by a dedicated team of Kingsdowners. This hasn’t happened for a few years now and has been much missed –  it was a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community, young and old, to get together for fun and neighbourliness – and raise money for charity.

In recent times there has been a revival in interest in both gardening and growing your own vegetables and fruit. Quite a few residents have an allotment but it was thought that Kingsdown could be generally more ‘green’. Indeed some people remember Kingsdown in spring as a mass of blossom from fruit trees and there was hope that Kingsdown could once again become an orchard. Encouraging this desire to grow plants and trees needed an incentive such as a grand Harvest or Homegrown Festival. This idea expanded to cover all kinds of Homegrown – talent and interests and activities.

Based around in and around St Matthews Church at the heart of Kingsdown, the day’s events include stalls of local crafts or attic curios; second-hand books; games and competitions; Posh Teas (with real homemade cakes); exhibitions of home grown produce and displays of local art work. Music by Kingsdown musicians features significantly, with a rambling or marching band starting the afternoon’s programme. A celebratory party and supper with dancing in the church hall finishes the day.

For further information about the 2011 Homegrown please look at the Homegrown 2011 Page. You can also contact info@kingsdownhomegrown.co.uk and keep an eye on our local noticeboards.

For brief reviews of previous Homegrowns, follow these links:

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