The Committee


Committee Meetings  are hosted and chaired in rotation by the committee members in their own homes.

emailing the committee: emails will reach the committee if addressed to:

Treasurer: Pauline Allen – Orchard House, Spring Hill

Committee Members  elected April 2019:–

Nick Kidwell – 9 Somerset Street – 942 5318

Jeremy Newick – (also represents KCG on the  Conservation Advisory Panel of Bristol City Council) 

Helen Phillips – 73 Kingsdown Parade – 942 2922

Nigel Tasker – 42 St Matthew’s Road – 924 6305

Alastair Gambles – Somerset Street

Pat and Richard Harrad  – Kingsdown Parade

NOTE: If a member wishes to bring a matter before a meeting of the committee, they should contact any committee member. Attending such a meeting is at the discretion of the chairman of that meeting.

The website is hosted by John Waters.

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