Homegrown 2007

Review of Kingsdown Homegrown, 22nd September 2007
It has been generally agreed that the Kingsdown Homegrown Festival was a huge success. As an event whose aim it was to bring the residents of Kingsdown together and also have a fun time, it succeeded. The Party afterwards attracted over 220 people and was also a wonderful success in this respect, so – Well Done Everyone! – While the aim was not to be a moneymaking event, we are delighted to say that KH made a profit of over £770.

An especially big thank you to St Matthew’s Church for all their help and enthusiasm – and the freely given use of all their Church and its grounds. Thank you also to members of The Ark for their invaluble support and use of their marquees and tables.The atmosphere of the day was made especially wonderful and relaxed by the numbers of local musicians – The Ambling Band whose jolly pink sounds started us off; The Cut Outs; Better Than Sax and Lu-Ami and her guitarist; not forgetting the evening’s band Gypsy’s Kiss. Thank you to all these and all those who took part in the communal busking later in the afternoon.The profits of KH have necessitated the setting up of a new Bank Account in the name of Kingsdown Community Fund. This account also holds the profits from the Winter Warmer Party, giving it a total to date of £1185. As promised, we propose giving a donation (£700) to The Joliba Trust for Tree Planting and a Women’s Vegetable Growing scheme in Mali. We would also like to buy a replacement flowering tree for St Matthew’s Church.

Next Year
There will be another Kingsdown Homegrown Festival next year, bigger and better. The date for your diary is:-
Saturday 20th September 2008

Some results from the Limerick Competition:
Whilst staggering down Cotham Side
Confused, half awake and pie-eyed
I attempted to think
What I’d just had to drink
And concluded the barman had lied.

There was a young lady of Cotham
Who had a magnificent botham
“I’m built,” she agreed
“For comfort, not speed,
But if you like buttocks, I’ve gotham”

There was an old lady of Cotham
Who planted some veg and forgot ’em
They grew and they grew
And nobody knew
Until she went out and shot ’em.

There was a young barmaid from Bristol
Whose knockers were more than a fistful
To keep suitors at bay
in a delicate way
Down her cleavage she packed a large pistol
(pretty good as it was by Ollie, 11 months)

There was a young lady of Cotham
Who, while fair, had a rather large bottom
She searched high and low
For a similar beau
Which was hard, but one day she got ‘im

A letter from the charity The Joliba Trust:-

The Joliba Trust The Salt Box, Broadwoodkelly, Nr Winkleigh, Devon EX19 8ED

7th November 2007

Thank you very much for your letter today and the wonderfully generous cheque from Kingsdown Community Fund for £700 for community tree planting and market gardening work in Mali. This will make an enormous contribution to these activities, and we are extremely grateful.

We will allocate £500 to the Natural Resource Management/Tree Planting programme, and £200 to the revolving credit scheme for vegetables seeds for market gardening. It is just the right time of year to plant vegetables, and there has been quite a lot of water in the small dams this year for watering them. This will provide seeds to plant 40 fields of vegetables. Your donation will also plant over 1,000 trees, as well as providing environmental support to help sustain rural livelihoods in an area severely affected by climate change and desertification. Please thank everyone at Kingsdown Homegrown very much indeed for this marvellous and very kind help.

I will put some photos onto a CD shortly and let you know how things are going in due course. I hope a link between Kingsdown and Mali can continue.

The Kingsdown Homegrown Festival sounds a wonderful event. Thank you very much for sending all the details. Many, many thanks to everyone for your support.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Hart