Homegrown 2008

This year’s community fair, Kingsdown Homegrown, held on Saturday 20th September was another great success. Held in and around St Matthew’s Church, the wet weather pattern had broken and the day was sunny and warm. There were various kinds of music, sideshows, competitions, foods and stalls and plenty of opportunities to mix and meet with one’s neighbours. There followed an equally enjoyable Evening Party with food and dancing.

As well as all this fun, the day was very profitable, with a total of £1285 being raised. Of this £1000 will be given to Annie Syrett’s charity ‘Friends of Alalay (Santa Cruz)’ to help in the care of the street children of Bolivia. Most of the remaining money will be donated to St Matthews’ Church for extra kitchen needs; with a small amount helping in the replanting of a tree on St Matthew’s Road.

A big thank you to St Matthews’ Church for their hospitality in opening their church, hall and grounds to the whole community and their help on the day. A thank you too to the Ark for it’s support and indeed everyone who came out and joined in and made the day such a success.

Next year’s event will be held on September 26th 2009. Notices will be sent out in April next year with details of the day and contact details for those who might like to offer help or support before or during the day.

Otherwise contact can be made through this web site or sending an email to :-