About Kingsdown

What was originally built as a Georgian suburb of a smoky and crowded City of Bristol, Kingsdown today feels part of the inner city.

Its vibrant community has changed with the upheavals of history. From dereliction and the threat of demolition, the elegant terraced houses now provide housing for families or flats for students and others. The area retains a strong sense of community with regular communal  events continuing to be organised.

It’s special sense of place, created by its historic street pattern and quality of Georgian houses is enhanced by being surrounded by such a diverse mixture of housing and the built environment. We have the many parts of Bristol University to the west and the growing Hospital, UBHT, to the south.

To the north west, High Kingsdown remains a very successful example of post war urban housing. This imaginative housing estate built 50 years ago, though currently inhabited by a large percentage of students, still has an enthusiastic and creative housing association . See highkingsdown.co.uk

Sandwiched between the historic Kingsdown and High Kingsdown is the busy Kingsdown Sports Centre, catering for both the local community and beyond.

The churches of St Matthews in Kingsdown and nearby Cotham Parish Church provide help and support to an increasingly active congregation and their neighbours.

For such a small area there are a surprisingly number of public houses. Kingsdown Vaults hosts live music and other social events. You can have a good meal at The Hare on the Hill or The Hillgrove, or cosy up at the tiny The Green Man or Cotham Porter Stores.