‌Photos (over 1000!)

The Kingsdown photo gallery is hosted on flickr at flickr.com/photos/kingsdown/. The pictures are divided up into different sets and categorised using tags. Each tag is a link to all of the pictures categorised with that tag. You can also view the photos on a map, with dots to show where the pictures were taken.

You can comment to help identify the mystery pictures, or add extra information. And if you have more photos that could be added to the site, please email us. You can then send them electronically (or lend them to us so that they can be scanned in).

If you have a flickr account (free or paid) then you can also join the kingsdown conservation group and post pictures to that, or just tag them with kingsdown.

Many thanks to those who have contributed photos so far: Penny Mellor, Tony Kerr, Sue Dowling, Helen Phillips, Nigel Tasker, Heather Frenkel.


2 comments on “‌Photos (over 1000!)”

Great photos, I spent a fascinating hour looking through them all.

Last night coming to my gate at about midnight, a strange occurrence was going on on Spring Hill, with apparently a body in a sack on the ground being filmed in darkness. I am assuming that local murderers or body-snatchers would not be so visible & that it must have been for a student or other project. I don’t think it was the BBC!

Friends of the Earth contacted me about their project to save bee species in the UK, which will involve creating many wildflower meadows across the UK. As it is an important issue, I am forwarding their email address if anyone wants to contact them. It is be**@fo*.uk Their website is on the net obviously.
As this is such a good area for wildlife, I have had a sage bush in my garden literally swarming with bees and have seen a wide range of different bee species here.



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