Committee meeting 5th January 2010 – summary

Hospital business

Bedford Hill steps – the reinstatement of the steps will soon be complete and the site fence removed. The street light on the steps works again.

Southwell Street – around the car park entrance various road safety measures have appeared – a white paint path – notices that block the south pavement – a siren. KCG is pursuing a reply from the Council to our questions about UHB’s right to block the road with a barrier and the north pavement with parked vehicles.

Horfield Road – UHB showed the committee its plans to develop a row of houses on the site of the garden that it abandoned and boarded up. The committee have told UHB that in its view the size and the design of the proposed houses is suitable for our conservation area. The Council are following up KCG‘s complaint about the unsightly hoardings, which went up in April 2007 and damage the area.

BRI redevelopment/helipad

UHB anticipates that it will make four planning applications:

January – to modify the Maudlin Street entrance to enable the later work.

April – the Terrell Street Wards and Helipad.

April – the Children’s Hospital extension, and

April 2010 – re-cladding the Maudlin Street elevation of the QE Building.

The Terrell Street Wards development

UHB has outline planning permission to develop new wards in Terrell Street. The proposed block will be 2 / 3 floors taller than the outline permission. UHB’ says that it needs to extra space to replace the King Edward Building wards and to close Bristol General Hospital. The contractor’s temporary buildings will use the car park beside the Oncology Building, which will lose 30 car parking places, during the construction period. UHB hopes to open the Terrell Street wards in late 2014.

The Upper Maudlin Street elevation of the Queen Elizabeth building

UHB is committed to reface the QE Building. It will publish its plans in the Spring.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday the 2nd February. If you wish to meet the committee or bring any matters to their attention, please contact the se*******@di*******.net.


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