Committee meeting 8th July 2009 – summary

The Heart Institute – problems reinstating public rights of way

KCG is in discussion with University Hospitals Bristol about the state the pavements above and below the entrance to the reopened car park on Montague Hill.  This work was delayed to allow the contractors to complete the works to the Hammerhead at the bottom of Alfred Hill, which is now complete.  KCG has reminded UHB that the reinstatement of Bedford Place (the steps down from Horfield Road) is a condition of the planning permission for the Heart Institute.  KCG will object to any further request to stop up Bedford Place.

Residents’ Parking Scheme

Pending the publication of the City’s detailed proposals for the area, there is nothing new to report.

Lamp posts

KCG has asked that lamp post design be on the agenda for the next Neighbourhood Partnership.  A senior officer from the lighting section will be present.  KCG has said that lamp standard design in Bristol’s conservation areas is poor compared to what can be seen elsewhere.,  The Lighting Section seem to be unaware of the proposed management strategy, set out in the Character Appraisal, which says “The loss of traditional street furniture undermines the quality and special interest of the environment. Traditional street furniture, such as lamp standards, railings or handrails, should be retained or reproductions introduced where replacement is necessary.”  Notice of the meeting will be on this notice board.

Satellite dishes

The red poster warns about this problem.  English Heritage says that one of the top threats facing conservation areas is unsightly satellite dishes.  If you own a listed building, you need listed building consent to site a dish of the front elevation of the building.  You are unlikely to get permission because the aerial will harm the character of the listed building.  There are unobtrusive positions where a small dish is acceptable, such as behind a parapet or behind the garden wall.  KCG will draw the Planning Department’s Enforcement Section attention to dishes on front walls.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday the 8th September 2009.  If you wish to meet the committee or bring any matters to their attention please contact the se*******@di*******.net.


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