Crocus Planting

We have 1,000 crocus bulbs ( corms ) available for planting here in Kingsdown in our green spaces.
These will be excellent for early food for any bees or pollinating insects in the spring.
If anyone would like to help plant these corms please turn up tomorrow, Sunday 1st Dec on Montague Green at 10.30am
If there are too many for Montague Green, then we could move onto Prior’s Flats, Kingsdown Parade which would also benefit from this Spring colour.
Sorry for the lack of advance planning of this event.


1 comment on “Crocus Planting”

Very enjoyable crocus planting session on 1st December. Will look forward to seeing them in the spring.
Many thanks to Helen for organising this and also thanks to Helen for prompt action in contacting the council to get repairs to Fremantle Square wall started so quickly.

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