How to search for and comment on Planning Applications

Anyone can search for a current or decided planning application through the website of Bristol City Council.

You will need to know either the postcode, the first line of the address, or the Application Number. This will be in a format such as 19/012345/F

Just enter the following (preferably copy/paste) into your browser search box (or just click on it here if it appears in blue on your screen)

You will arrive at the Planning Search area of the website. There are boxes allowing you to limit your search in various ways, which are self-explanatory.

Scroll down to the box which asks for “Keyword, first line…. etc” and enter the information you have. Best of all is the Application Number if you know it, as this will lead directly to just that application. Otherwise you may be presented with a long list to choose from. If you want the planning history of a particular property, entering the address is best.

If all is well you will then see the application details. Most of what you will want to know will be in the list of “Documents”. To see a document, click on the blue “View” box on the right.

If there is a bafflingly large number of documents, it may be useful to start with the plans (existing and proposed), the Design and Access statement, and any Officer’s Report.

To make a Comment

Go back to the front page of the application and select the Comment box. You are warned about the time-limited screen, and it is sensible to pre-compile your thoughts in any text application and copy/paste into the provided space.

All comments, including your own, will be listed in “Comments” and will of course be visible to the applicant or anyone else.