Kingsdown Christmas Tree

Kingsdown got its own Christmas Tree yesterday. Sited in the centre of the junction of St Matthew’s Road; Clevedon Terrace and The Back of Kingsdown Parade, it caused a lot of interest from both motorists and pedestrians. Its illuminations are still in need of adjustment but we hope it is sufficient to show up at night and bring some Christmas sparkle and fun.

It is designed as a pilot to the scheme, initiated five years ago, to improve the wide open space of this junction. Our idea is to slow traffic by planting a large tree near the spot of the Christmas tree, thereby slowing traffic and making it a safer and friendlier place for residents and other pedestrians.

The siting of the tree should not be a problem to any vehicle, even if it is confusing and unexpected, but we would welcome any comments from motorists and locals.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.


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