Kingsdown photos – time to revive the Flickr group

Many of you know that there are a lot of photos on our Flickr site, which you can reach via the link on the right, or by following this link: They’ve been very popular, and Flickr has recorded over 30,000 individual ‘views’. However, the collection is a bit limited, because photos have to be emailed in to us.

To get round this, and make it easier for people to contribute, we also set up a Flickr group, to which anyone with a Flickr account, free or paid, can contribute freely. It’s at

Now that more people in the area have accounts, can I ask them to join the group and look through their photos for those that could be of interest to others?

Thanks to Penny Leaver Green for the suggestion, and for the photos she has recently put in the group photo pool.


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