News from our Councillors

Alex Woodman and Mark Wright, our two councillors for Cabot Ward, have started an e-newsletter. It does, of course, have a political flavour, but is intended to convey a lot of news of general interest to local residents. The first issue, for example, has the following contents:

1. St George’s Primary School saved
2. Brandon Hill
3. Cabot Tower
4. Residents’ Parking update
5. Bristol Clean and Green “clean-ups”
6. University of Bristol building plans
7. Montague Green art
8. Princes Street Bridge and roundabout
9. Whiteladies Rd works
10. Partners and Communities Together – “PACT”

If you want to be added to their circulation list, you can email:

al**********@br*****.uk or ma*********@br*****.uk


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