November Committee Meeting – notes

The City Council has asked to be notified of all suitable development sites, as part of its requirement to find places for 26000 new houses in the City. We agreed that all the possible sites in Kingsdown are already known to the Council through planning applications. The Council is also setting up yet another new community involvement programme – Neighbourhood Partnerships. Ironically, but not surprisingly, we weren’t involved in deciding which neighbourhood we belong to, and have been lumped in with Clifton and Clifton East. The first meeting – open to anyone interested – is in the Council House on Tues 25th at 630.

The UHB Foundation Hospital Trust received planning permission for the helicopter pad on the roof of the hospital. Two meetings have been arranged with the hospital officers – one to look at the old – but still relevant – issue of improving their community involvement – and the other to look at rights of way through the Kingsdown end of the BRI site. We have asked to discuss several other issues, including the lack of an overall Masterplan for the site and the plans for landscaping and planting once round the Heart Institute.

We have made various comments about the major developments in Stokes Croft (the Full Moon pub, Westmoreland House, Hamilton House) King Square and St James Priory (where the church authorities have improved their plans consdierably). Please contact one of the committee for more details if you are interested.

Montague Green – We will arrange a site meeting to find out the Council’s views on better trimming of the hornbeam hedge, a new hedge against the back wall and more seats, either where the rosebed is or round a tree.

The Council have now agreed to force Wessex Water to relay the setts they messed up in Somerset Street.


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