October committee notes

Some of the matters discussed by the Committee at their October meeting:

  • University Library. We oppose the inclusion of the large library and its public realm surroundings in a single planning application. We strongly oppose the road closures, but not the proposed library itself.
  • Hospital Car Park. Following Refusal, the applicant is going to Appeal (Informal hearing 21st Jan).
  • Laundrette. The owner’s eligibility for small business rates appears to be sound. Next move to be discussed
  • 12E Alfred Place. Follow up Enforcement notice for removal of unauthorised roof extension.
  • Discussed bike racks near Kingsdown Vault for the use of pub users
  • the group supports David Mellor’s initiative to get the ban lifted on Cotham School children using the shops in Cotham Road South.

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As well as Bike racks near Kingsdown Wine Vaults, bike racks near the Green Man on Alfred Place would also be helpful and reduce the number of cyclists locking their bikes to the railings of houses on the street when visiting the pub.

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