Public Meeting Tues 25th Sept – Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Hannah Smith, a Bristol City Council Planning Officer, has contacted us to say that there will be a public meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday 25th September, at The Ark (upstairs), Cotham Road South

There will be a brief presentation on the format of character appraisals and an opportunity to make initial comments.

Hannah says that the Council “will involve local residents early on in the process and ensure their views are taken into consideration when drafting, which will hopefully result in a more useful document”.

She also says: “Formal document drafting will begin after the introductory meeting.  Once a draft has been compiled a second meeting will be held to outline the findings and open a four week period of public consultation.  I imagine that this second meeting will be sometime in mid November, in the hope that the document will be completed and adopted by the end of January 2008.”


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