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Residents' Parking Scheme

Thanks to Kingsdown resident Ian Abrahams for passing on the following information received from sa*********@br*****.uk:

On 15th November 2007 Bristol City Council’s Cabinet agreed a report on the introduction of Residents Parking Zones around the City Centre to minimise the impact of commuter parking in residential areas.

You can download the full report (PDF 32pp 4.3MB) from the council website.

Over the next few weeks we will be setting up a web page under the heading of Bristol Residents Parking Project. The web page will explain the intended basic operational principles and will have a section of frequently asked questions, to help explain to people how such a scheme will impact on them. There will be an opportunity for individuals to comment and an e-mail address to send any additional queries to. We will publicise the setting up of the site and currently expect the web page to be operational towards the end of March 2008. You may however wish to keep an eye on progress by checking on the Bristol City Council Website.

The Citizens Panel were asked for their views on the operational principles of Residents Parking in February 2008, and their responses will be analysed and reported on in March. The next stage will be to embark on a large-scale consultation exercise covering the Inner and Outer Rings that are highlighted in the Cabinet Report.

All residents, businesses and local organisations in the Inner and Outer Rings will be contacted, and asked whether they would like to have their street considered for Residents Parking. The results of this exercise will be used to establish where the initial “Early Adopter” Residents’ Parking Zones will be promoted.

Subject to general support within these initial zones, it is anticipated that detailed design and full implementation will start in the latter part of 2008 in the hope of having the first few schemes completed and operational by late Spring 2009. When these schemes are complete, the experience gained will be used to inform and facilitate the promotion of additional schemes, subject of course to the support of residents.

If and when the Inner Ring becomes fully established we will turn our attention to the Outer Ring. Subject to the continuing support of residents we currently hope to have both the Inner and Outer Rings fully established by the end of 2012.

We trust that this information is of assistance to you, and look forward to any additional comments that you would like to make.

Terry Bullock
Traffic Manager


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