Sunflowers in Kingsdown

There have been brown envelopes with sunflower seeds dropping through the letterboxes of Kingsdown this weekend. This is why.

As there is no Homegrown this year, we thought we’d encourage Kingsdown residents to grow some sunflowers and show the results at The Big Square Lunch on 14th September in Fremantle Square.

Over the weekend 340 packets will be posted through doors in Kingsdown.– attached is the label on the seeds (the seeds generously donated by Riverside Garden Centre).

If anyone doesn’t get one for some reason they can grow their own and enter the competition (the variety Riverside has donated is Russian Giant) .

Updates can be posted on twitter under #sunflowersquare as can growing tips etc.

We will try to get someone of note to judge!

Hope to see you with your entry on 14th!


sunflower flyer

2 comments on “Sunflowers in Kingsdown”

Hi Peter,

It was a scatter gun approach! The children posted the envelopes in streets radiating from Fremantle Square and obviously not everyone received one as we only had about 350 envelopes (the whole project has had no funding apart from the actual seeds so there had to be a limit!).

We’d love everyone who wants to to get involved and if you didn’t receive one in Alfred Place to grow your own (the variety we posted is Russian Giant- though it doesn’t matter really) and bring them on 14th.

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