Energy and Sustainability

Green Energy Suppliers

Switching to a Green energy supplier, whether it’s one which produces its own electricity or one which buys it in from renewable sources, is an easy step towards a greener and more sustainable world. There are many firms that offer various green tariffs.

Energy Organisations and Groups

Here are links to organisations and groups who will give specific advice and information on how to make your house more energy efficient

Bristol Energy Network  

BEN have a useful website and a newsletter you can sign up for  giving details of their talks such as Smart Homes, Community Energy or Wind Turbines in Lawrence Weston

CHEESE (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts)

is an off shoot of BCR Energy Group which is a not for profit project covering greater Bristol. They offer thermal imaging to survey leaking the of warm air from your house.

Bristol City Council Guidelines

For general guidance on energy saving advice there is a section on their webpage from the Centre for Sustainable Energy

If you need advice on window renovation and insulation for a Listed Building then there is a link to this PDF  Traditional Windows: Guidance on their repair, upgrading and replacement (pdf, 1.4MB) 

Local residents’ experience of proper repairing and draught-proofing of their sash windows led to positive gains in heat retention in their home. Others have been very satisfied with the temporary, winter fixing of sheets of perspex, fixed by magnetic strips to each window opening.

Another form of secondary glazing approved for listed buildings but more costly is CosyGlazing. This system attaches the secondary glazing to each individual sash allowing them to continue slide up and down while greatly increasing the thermal insulation of your home.

Solar Panels

Although you don’t usually need planning permission for solar panels on houses, tighter controls apply to both listed buildings and houses in conservation areas. If you live in a listed building, you’ll need listed building consent. If you live in a conservation area, you’ll need planning permission if the panels are fitted on the principal or side wall and are visible from the road.

Bristol Green Doors

Bristol Green Doors runs educational events to encourage domestic green refurbishment. This is carried out through peer-to peer learning and Open Day weekends with one of the ‘show’ houses open in our area. Past Open Homes and future events on their website

Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE)

This national charity, based in Bristol, funds projects helping people and communities share their knowledge and practical experience on sustainable energy and reduction of carbon emissions. Advice could be anything from DIY loft insulation, domestic heating oil or low carbon localism