The Catalpa on the Gravel Triangle

As you may have seen, the Catalpa that was on the Gravel Triangle on Back of Kingsdown Parade/St Matthews Road has disappeared. Well, most of it.

A few weekends ago, it was caught in a strong wind and one of its branches was torn off leaving it very lopsided tree and with a bad gash down its trunk.

This has happened before, and it seems it could easily happen again as its large leaves make it vulnerable to our increasingly extreme weather. It obviously wasn’t the right tree for this site.

It has been ‘tidied up’ and the debris is being removed while we discuss what kind of replacement tree we will have. The site is very exposed and there is little or no depth of soil ( only foundations of a previous building) so our options for a new tree are restricted. Rowan, Hawthorn or Field Maple are possibilities.

Maybe if you would like to give an opinion on further developments of this communal garden then come along to the next Charity Brunch on Saturday 16th September. 9.30 – 11.30 am


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