Proposed changes to road use and proposed University Library

Kingsdown Conservation Group wishes to encourage all its members to visit a display of proposals to radically alter the pattern of road use around and beyond the junction of Woodland Road, Elton Road and Tyndall Avenue. (Although application 17/06169/F to close Tyndall Avenue to motor traffic has not been withdrawn, the current pre-application would supersede it, if it were pursued.)

The ramifications of the proposed changes would be extensive. Much local and through traffic would be obliged to adopt arduous diversion in order to make its way across the city.

These proposals have been prepared by Bristol University and are now unexpectedly included in what is called a second pre-application enquiry to the Bristol City Council regarding the proposed building of a new university library on the site of the present Hawthorns Building, opposite Bristol Grammar School on Elton Road. 

The University has put up a number of display panels in Beacon House, which is next to the Royal West of England Academy BS8 1PX on Queen’s Road, illustrating certain limited aspects of both the proposed changes to road use and of the proposed library. A ‘staffed drop-in session’ will take place in Beacon House on 15th October between 3 and 5 pm. 

The pre-application enquiry consultation period, the display at Beacon House, which is also at The Hawthorns and online at will close on 21st October. 


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The drawings in Beacon House are somewhat vague on exactly how the road junction is going to change. There are no technical drawings of the roads, or the traffic flows, just some views which give a vague idea of pedestrians wandering around and some coarse maps with hearts placed on them over this junction and Tyndall Ave, plus more description of the area as the “University’s precinct”. Interestingly St Michael’s Park isn’t shown at all. As far as I can see the University still wants to carve out the whole area as its campus.

Hello Helen,
The Planning Dept. has now written to objectors ( to the plan for the huge car park at the junction of Montague Hill South and Deighton St.) saying that the UBHT is appealing against the Planning Commitee’s refusal, to the Secretary of State.Characteristically, there is no detail and no mention of the demolition of the dwellings. I feel this is monstrously perverse. I wonder whether there are many KCG members who are also members of the Health Trust, which my partner and I, albeit reluctantly, are> If so, we nmight exert internal pressure. I have attended various “facing the community” meetings, which are highly manipulated to avoid controversy, and spoken to the chair and chief executive about UBHT’s distain for environmental/ community/ aesthetic matters but

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