Kingsdown’s streets, as in most cities, are choked by parked cars and polluted by traffic. But cars are still a necessary part of our lives until other solutions have been found. We can all try to minimize the use of our cars but there are other possibilities to reduce our reliance on them or the fossil fuels they use.

Car Clubs local to our area

These have been around for a while with a designated space marked out on Clevedon Terrace. ( which has recently been empty as there was little use of the car ) This useful map gives the locations of the existing Car Club locations in your area for all companies

Enterprise Cars

Zip Cars


Electric Plug-In Points

Travelwest has a webpage for all things to do with travel, including links to where current Charge Points can be found.

As more people are using electric or hybrid cars, the need for more recharging points is getting increasingly important. There is a petition at the moment asking the Council to provide more.

Bike Provision

The need for Bike racks or Bike Storage. Discuss. If you need help getting used to a bike or whether you are unsure about its problems or efficiency then the council recommend you to look at this Bristol website ‘Better by Bike’ which also has a lot of really useful information

There is a city website for traffic problems and suggesting street improvements (such as street cycle parking ) with a map of area

Submit a street improvement

Travelwest. Journey planner

This sister website to Better by Bike, offers you useful information on all methods of transport and journey planning, whether it’s by Bus, Metrobus, Train, Car, Bike or Walking it can update you on timetables or make it easier with hints and advice.

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