16th November 2006 committee meeting – notes

The University has asked Kingsdown Conservation Group, among others, to a meeting to launch a good neighbour policy. Are there any issues that you would like KCG to raise with the University on your behalf? Redland and Cotham Amenity Society have prepared a paper, available on their website, about problems such as noise and rubbish that “studentification” causes to other households. Have you seen or read the University’s Development Masterplan? Does it affect you? Please send your views to KCG’s secretary at in*********@bl********.uk.

Traditional building materials
KCG is concerned about the loss of traditional building materials and architectural details, which are lost in the restoration of some houses. It regularly brings unauthorised alterations to the planning authority’s attention. Nearly all building alterations in a conservation area require planning consent. If the house is listed any change additionally requires listed building consent. Each individual change of material or loss may appear to be minor; however, each loss cumulatively degrades the street scene and the area’s attractiveness. These are examples of changes that require consent: to use concrete tiles to replace traditional roofing materials and the loss of chimney stacks and pots; to use non-traditional materials such as Upvc to replace windows and doors; to demolish garden walls and gate posts. These alterations frequently make a house less attractive and reduce its value.

Wheelie bins
Some residents recently met a representative of the City’s cleansing department and its enforcement officer to discuss what can be done about the number of waste bins that are now on view in the streets between collections. It is the City’s policy to take vigorous enforcement proceedings. Any bin left on the pavement between collections has a notice stuck on it. If the obstruction continues the enforcement officer will interview the householder and issue a warning letter that any further obstruction could result in a fixed penalty. In the City Council’s opinion, the situation has improved rapidly in areas where enforcement has been active. Some households choose to keep their bins next to the pavement within a railed area in front of the house. This gives the area the appearance of bin city. The City has not addressed two problems.
(i) The public health issue. Passers by dump rubbish in these bins that causes them to overflow.
(ii) The security issue. Bins are useful to burglars and high level taggers. A bin in Kings Square was recently set ablaze.

The committee has recently delivered leaflets about Kingsdown Conservation Group. Have you completed your application or lost it? More members and more skills creates a more effective organisation. Please return your application, or ask for another, from the membership secretaries at mp*******@bl********.uk. or download one from the website.

KCG hopes to report that it’s discussions with the City Council will bring about the replacement of the cherry trees that grew in Prior’s Hill garden, the trees on the north side of Kingsdown Parade that died this year and the two cherry trees that formerly grew on Spring Hill, below Dove Street.

The Full Moon
The City Council issued a stop notice to prevent further work when it discovered that the developers were carrying out extensive alterations to this Grade II listed building without the necessary listed building and planning consents. Unfortunately, much of the work has already been carried out. Windows have been “re-opened” and the 200-year-old staircase stripped. The development in the Eclipse is out of proportion to the entrance. The developers have now sought the necessary permissions. KCG has written to the planning department about the quality of the developer’s proposals.

The community police officer
Following the recent television programme about the local bail hostels the community police officer has moved his meeting, on Wednesday 6th December, between 7.00 to 8.30 p.m., to St Matthew’s parish hall. He says that a senior police office will attend.

Next Meeting of the committee is at 8.00 p.m. on 12th December. If anyone has a matter of concern about Kingsdown to raise, please email the secretary at in*********@bl********.uk


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