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7 Myrtle Road response to proposal to convert to multi-occupation

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2 comments on “7 Myrtle Road response to proposal to convert to multi-occupation”

I agree with the comments above: the university should be more sympathetic to the residents who live here and to its status as a Conservation Area.

There is a disproportionate radio of students to residents in the area already. High Kingsdown is struggling to keep it’s origional character and the community which it was designed for. Alfred Place will become affected just at a time when we have four new families with children moving in. The area suffers already for boom and bust as the students come in terms and leave in holidays. There is not enough parking space in term times despite residents parking. The scheme for the development for the Kings Arms within High Kingsdown was democratically overturned by the residents, only to be re-instated by appeal.

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