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Another unsuitable hospital development refused

Well done, and thanks, to all who supported our objections to the hospital trust’s plans for a block of flats in the garden of 42 Alfred Hill, a historic listed building. Back in June we urged the Council to keep to its own new policy guidelines for our area: “Stick to the policy – keep the gardens …. After two recent unsuitable applications – both withdrawn after widespread criticism – the UBHT hospital authorities have now put in a third one, this time to build four flats in the garden of  the listed building at 42 Alfred Hill.”

We’re delighted that the Council has agreed with us and refused the application, citing several strong grounds for doing so. You can see the detailed reasons by looking at the Planning Applications section of the Council website and entering the reference 08/02222/F.

No doubt the hospital will be back with more plans, though maybe not until the property market improves. Let’s hope they take more notice next time of local views and Council policies for the conservation area.

(Ref: 08/02222/F)


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