Committee meeting 13th February 2007 – notes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. This will be held on Thursday 15th March 2007 in the upper room of the Ark, Cotham Road South. The rooms will be open from 7.00 p.m. There will be wine available and you are invited to an informal opportunity to meet other Kingsdown residents and the committee. The meeting will start at 7.30 p.m. Many of you will remember Mary Wright’s very successful lecture last year on the development of Stokes Croft. This year, after the formal meeting there will be a talk by Mike Hooper, a local historian who has made a special study of Broadmead. Mike calls his illustrated lecture, “Broadmead before the shops”.

AGM business

(i) Would you like to be a new committee member? You would attend the monthly meeting and sometimes do a little work between meetings. If you wish to propose yourself or someone you know as a committee member, please contact the secretary, Helen Phillips, as soon as possible at 73 Kingsdown Parade
(ii) Will anyone volunteer to organise and manage KCG’S website?
(iii) Do you want KCG to email a copy of this summary to you each month? If you do, please send your email address to in*********@bl********.uk

143/5 St. Michael’s Hill
The owner of these properties has applied for planning permission to develop the upper floors for residential purposes. KCG has written to the Planning Department to say that it wishes any planning consent to ensure that the new front door should maintain the symmetry of the building’s façade and to impose a planning condition to prevent cars parking on the pavement in front of the building. You can make your views known to the planners on line at quoting application number 06/05370.

Wheelie bins
This is not strictly a KCG matter but it concerns us all. In response to continued complaints about bins left on the pavement between collections and the permanent storage of bins next to the pavement, the City’s Waste Services say: “Our investigations will focus on those households keeping bins on the pavements on non collection days, and we will also be giving any other appropriate advice/guidance for storage of items as fits each situation.” This message does not answer the question of what to do about bins kept next to the pavement whose contents frequently spill and make the area squalid and unhygienic. For some residents a wheelie bin is probably more of a nuisance than a convenience and would prefer to see it withdrawn and to revert to bag collection. This time last year Kingsdown didn’t have a problem, now it looks like Bin City. This conflicts with the City’s policies published in last September. “Shaping Bristol over the next 20 years” said: “We need improvement: to the physical fabric and infrastructure in our streets: to minimise unsightly clutter: to tackle graffiti, vandalism, letter and dereliction…”
Please report waste management problems to Waste Services on Tel 922 3240 and ask them to confirm that your call has been logged. This minute has been copied to the local councillors and to the Acting Waste Services and Streetscene Manager.


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