Committee meeting summary – 1st December 2009

University Hospitals Bristol

KCG has written to UHB and to the Planning Department about its concerns

Bedford Steps (They join Horfield Road to Terrell Street)

The Closure Order is expired. UHB must reopen the Steps and make good the damage that its contractors caused when they lifted the paved footpath. The 2 metre tall security fence onto Horfield Road must be removed.

Horfield Road barrier

In April 2007, UHB fenced off the garden that it had maintained for 20 years. UHB closed the garden because it wants to sell the site for development. The barriers, after two and half years, are to all intents permanent. UHB has new plans for the site but KCG wants the barrier removed because they degrade the street.

Southwell Street

UHB blocks the Street with a barrier and chain, which forces pedestrians and cyclists through the narrow gap at the side next to the car park exit. The hospital car park entrance so narrows the south pavement that pedestrians prefer to walk in the road. At times the Street is full of pedestrians. KCG has asked the City:

  1. Can UHB block the whole of one pavement with parked cars?

  2. Has UHB legal authority to block Southwell Street?

  3. If UHB can block the street, shouldn’t it install retractable columns? The barriers (there are two) are ugly, they degrade the street and spoil the appearance of the splendidly remodelled Boiler House.

Alfred Hill

Congratulations to UHB for installing traditional, box-type lamp posts at the bottom of Alfred Hill above the new steps into Cottage Place.

Congratulations to Bristol Water for restoring the setts so neatly after the replacement of the water main.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday the 5th January. If you wish to meet the committee or bring any matters to their attention, please contact the se*******@di*******.net.


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