KCG Committee Meeting 20th May 2008 – notes

Good news! UBHT has withdrawn their applications for 6 Kingsdown Parade and 78 Horfield Rd., in the face of strong local criticism. Thanks to all those who wrote in.

Bad news! They still keep sending in unsuitable applications. The latest is to put four flats in a garden at the bottom of Alfred Hill. We’ll work on a response.

The University has also withdrawn its pre-application for the Maths and Biology buildings, again in the face of strong local criticism. It feels as if we’re playing that familiar game where developers always applyfor more than they could hope to get approved, then come back later saying “Look, we’ve listened and cut a bit off, so now let us build it”.

The Council’s Character Appraisal of the Conservation Area has now been published. It’s good to be able to report that the officers concerned were efficient and supportive, and we think the final document (available on the web-site, or in hard-copy from the Council) is excellent. The Conservation Area has now been extended by the addition of the triangle formed by Alfred Hill, Horfield Rd, and the line joining the two below the terrace of Victorian Houses in Horfield Rd. We have now put a leaflet through all the doors to welcome them to the area.

There were a lot of other committee discussions about planning applications – Lakota club and old coroner’s court demolition, the Full Moon, the Premier Inn sign, the King Charles pub, Westmoreland House. If you want to know more, ask one of the Committee (contact details over on the right) or use the contact form to get in touch.


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