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KCG response to University banner planning application



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I entirely agree with those opposing the University’s Banner Proposals and am shocked that anyone in charge of the Universities affairs, would think it a good idea. Not only as it has been already suggested add unnecesary clutter, of which there is already too much in Bristol .Surely University students can find their way about without such pointers? There are already elegant sign posts., maps and for the gadget obsessed Satnav. I would prefer enhancement of the invironment not downgrading. Elizabeth A Watts Miller

I am in complete agreement with the Kingsdown Conservation Group’s reply to the university’s banner proposals. The University lies within an inhabited city. The proposed signs appear to back up the idea that the street is part of a campus when it is no such thing. They will make the street look messy and cluttered and there is no need for them anyway. In fact current planning regulations already rule them out – why are the University authorities ignorant of these rules, or so they imagine they do not apply to a university?

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