Minutes of meeting -11th September 2012

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Minutes of meeting – 8.00 p.m – 11th September 2012 at 27 Fremantle Road

Andy King
Pauline Allen (chair)
John Frenkel (minutes)
Nick Kidwell
Jeremy Newick
Helen Phillips
Lorna Robinson
Nigel Tasker
David Winter
Mary Wright

Not present
Robin Marlow (apologies)
Duncan Pepper

Minutes of meeting
10th July 2012 – any amendments were incorporated before the meeting into the saved copy of the minute.

Apologies Robin Marlow

UHB Oncology Centre extension
The city council have granted planning permission for the extension.

Horfield Road
The committee noted that the former garden site is now up for sale. JF will write to the planners about the continuing harm that this neglected area of land does to the conservation area.
6 Kingsdown Parade
Nothing appears to have progressed
Woodland walk
The committee noted the completion of the new path through this area and that there are a number of trees marked for felling or reduction. NT dislikes the introduction of CCTV.

Welcome Centre
Construction of the new BRI has begun

The committee noted that PA paid John Waters £120 his account for setting up the website and posting material for a year. Kingsdown Homegrown and the Neighbourhood Forum will also have pages. JF will liaise with JW to ensure that KCG message posted on the site are routed to him. The domain name is Kingsdownbristol but will revert to Kingsdown Conservation soon.

Spring Hill improvement
Spring Hill improvement – go for what we want with the handrail – one bollard – don’t want clutter

Bear Pit
PA has been invited and will join the Improvement Committee to represent KCG. The committee liked the creeper and discussed the location of the stage and the crane. The interior should remain as green as possible. Work could start next year. When there are grade level pedestrian and cycle crossing it is probable that most people will avoid the underpasses.

Planning applications

37 Somerset Street – 12/02579/H
JF reported that he submitted KCG’s response to the planning application. However, planning permission has been granted because the development will not be seen from the public realm

Western College Family Practice – 12/02376/F
JF reported that he submitted KCG’s response to the planning application to support R&CAS reasoned response. The application remains pending.

TA Centre – Whiteladies Road
The committee noted Anne White’s submission to the city council that they should acquire the site for a primary school. The committee thought that AW should omit any reference to the financial aspects to avoid diluting her principle. There appears to be no one leading any campaign.

Kings Arms planning appeal
JF reported that he represented KCG at the informal planning appeal hearing earlier in the day. The Committee thanked Stephen Macfarlane for collating the information about High Kingsdown properties whose occupiers have asked for exemption to council tax because they are students. The Planning Inspector would not have had this information without Stephens efforts

Bristol Entertainment Centre – 12/03671/F
The Committee approved a response to this planning application to demolish the ice rink and to build accommodation for 442 students. After some discussion the committee accepted that a more vigorous protest at the loss of the ice rink would not serve any purpose because there is no ice rink users group to support. The response will be made jointly with the Civic Society and the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter.

Lamp columns
The committee discussed the price for new Victorian lantern tops to the cast iron columns 2 & 3 on Ninetree Hill. PA was authorised to offer £600 matching funding to a grant application to Neighbourhood Partnership.

Kingsdown Residents’ Parking Scheme
The committee noted that the city council has begun to implement the revisions to the Traffic Order. NK reported that he has greater difficulty parking in the evening because hospital staff park in the residents’ parking area. The scheme can be reviewed in a year.

Autumn event
LR will organise a public event in St. Matthew’s crypt. NS will give her the name of a speaker, recommended to him, whose topic is the early history of Bristol swimming baths. The committee agreed to publicise the event by advertisement, not by household leaflet.

Kingsdown Homegrown
The committee agreed to staff the KCG recruitment stall
2-3 MW and AK
3-4 NT and JF
4-5 LR and NK
HP will arrange a pitch for the stall
JF will arrange for the supply of boards a table and historic photographs and set up the stall for 2.00

Next Meeting – 8.00 pm – Next Meeting – 8.00 p.m – Tuesday 16th October at – TBA


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