Notes of October 4th committee meeting


The City Council have approved the University’s Masterplan for its future development. There is a copy of available to download from the City Council’s website. It appears to be probable that the University will develop the Children’s Hospital site first. KCG is debating whether to respond to elements in the proposed plan before the University applies for planning permission. If you wish to express an opinion on, for example, the concentration of the University into a precinct, or the proposed, fourteen story signature block on the Social Science Library site, please email your comments to KCG at in*********@bl********.uk.


Last summer, the trees that the City Council had planted in the spring, outside Prior’s Fort, died. There are two more dead trees at the west end of Kingsdown Parade. Three dead cherry trees were felled below Dove Street, beside Spring Hill. KCG is in correspondence with the City Council about the replacement of these trees and intends to offer some of its reserve as seed money.

Wheelie bins

On the 25th September, the meeting at the Ark discussed the problem caused by people who don’t have anywhere to keep their wheelie bin off the street. The meeting wrote to the City Council to ask it to press people to find somewhere to keep their bin off the street, or give it up. However, this will create another problem. People without a wheelie bin will be unhappy to keep rubbish indoors for two weeks. The City Council was asked to restore a weekly black bag collection for household waste where people have nowhere to keep a wheelie bin off the street. Waste collection arrangements were said to be more flexible in Clifton. The City Council’s response will be published when it is received.

Councillor Dr. Mark Wright kindly accepted an invitation to attend the meeting.

Recruiting letter

If you live in the Kingsdown Conservation Area, a recruiting letter will be delivered to you shortly. If you are not a member of KCG, please join. If you are a member, please ask friends or neighbours to join. Compared to Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society and the Redland & Cotham Amenity Society, we are a small Conservation Area. The more that we can share work, the more effective KCG becomes.


This is the semi-derelict building on the corner of Cheltenham Road and Bath Buildings. It was formerly a garage and car sale rooms. The owners, Linden Homes, have permission to build a mix of commercial development and 132 new homes. KCG participated in the pre-planning consultation. The façade of the old building is a landmark. It will be retained.

200 photos on the Website

Please visit the new KCG website It has now has a larger photograph gallery. Do you have any historic photographs of the area that you could share with your neighbours?

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the committee is at 8:00 p.m. on the 16th November.

If anyone has a matter of concern about Kingsdown to raise, please email the secretary at in*********@bl********.uk.


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