Notes of the 7th September 2006 committee meeting


KCG is in process of attempting, with the City Council to replace the dead cherry in Saville Mews and to plant a red oak on the Prior Hill corner of Kingsdown Parade where, last winter, the City felled three moribund cherries. Unfortunately the replacement saplings all died.

New Members

Are you a member of your local Conservation Group? You can find KCG’s aims on its recently redesigned website You will soon receive a letter to invite you to become a member. If you are already a member, please use the application form to invite a friend or neighbour to join our group.

Development in the rear gardens of 26 and 27 Somerset Street

The developer has withdrawn its application to build a block of 14 single bedroom flats with internal kitchens and bathrooms.

St. Paul’s Supplementary Planning Document

You can find a copy of this document on the City Council’s website The committee will prepare a response. The proposals in the SPD are vague.

Personalised travel planning for Clifton and Cotham

The details of this project that KCG has received from tr******@sd******.net (Leila Beggin 07973 616246) are on the website.

Westmoreland House and the Carriage Works

City Council’s Cabinet had approved the compulsory purchase order for this long derelict eyesore. There have been news articles about the City Council’s long awaited action in the Evening Post and on BBC Bristol. After years of doing nothing, the buildings’ owners have submitted a pre-planning application, which will delay the process of redevelopment.

St. Michael’s Church

Welcome news , by Easy Runner has applied for planning permission to use the redundant Church for retail purposes. This should stop further decay to the building’s fabric. The committee will raise concerns about the maintenance of the churchyard and some of the interior fittings at the City Council’s Conservation Advisory Panel.

Photo archive

Visit Kingsdown’s photo-archive on the website. There a vast number of photographs past and present, from panoramas to details of exterior ironmongery.

Wheelie bins

Some neighbours have called a meeting at the Ark on the 25th September at 8.00 p.m. to discuss the problems caused by the City Council’s blanket introduction of wheelie bins. Houses in the Conservation Area will receive a letter to invite them to this meeting but everyone is welcome.

Next Meeting of the committee is at – 8.00 p.m. on the 4th October. If anyone has a matter of concern about Kingsdown to raise, please email the secretary at in*********@bl********.uk.


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