Notes of the August committee meeting


The City Council has approved the University’s Masterplan as a Supplementary Planning Document. KCG has appointed a sub-group to prepare KCG’s response to the City Council and to the University both in respect to the Supplementary Planning Document and the anticipated applications to develop each stage of the plan.

25, Kingsdown Parade

The City Council has refused the owner of permission to build in the front garden. Among other reasons to refuse permission is the grounds that new building should not be permitted in the front gardens on the north side of Kingsdown Parade. The full reasons for any refusal of planning permission can be found at

Wheelie bins

Some neighbours have called a meeting at the Ark on the 25th September at 8:00pm to discuss the problems caused by the City Council’s blanket introduction of wheelie bins. Houses in the Conservation Area will receive a letter to invite them to this meeting but everyone is welcome.


Every house in the Conservation Area will shortly receive a letter to invite them to join Kingsdown Conservation Group. Kingsdown is a small Conservation Area. We depend on the talents and energy of neighbours. The committee does its best to tell everyone what is going on via the website and the notice boards. Additional pairs of hands are always needed. Do you have time to help? Do you have specialist knowledge? KCG attempts to respond to matters that concern the area. The plans of the University and the Hospital affect us all. We would like to be more pro-active. Do you have ideas? Are you available to help with working parties organised to maintain Montague Green or improve Spring Hill? Please join KCG and volunteer.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at 8:00pm on 7th September at 43, Kingsdown Parade.

If anyone has a matter of concern about Kingsdown to raise, please email the secretary at in*********@bl********.uk.


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