Top problems in the area – as voted.

Our Police Beat Manager Martin Durbin has sent us the following short update on the recent PACT meeting held at St Matthews church. (NB PACT stands for Partners and Community Together):

Twenty two residents turned up, two local councillors (Dr Wright /Mr Woodman) a chief inspector, Dermot MEEHAN who is the Beat Team insp, two sergeants, one of whom was Mark ALDERTON (B/T sergeant) numerous beat managers,and PCSO’s.

The residents were from parts of Cotham/Kingsdown/High Kingsdown, and local issues and problems were discussed.
As a result of these discussions, each resident was given two votes and asked to use them to highlight which of the issues was most important. The votes were as follows

1. General parking problems in the Cotham area.
2. Students, noise rubbish,parking problems.
3. Cotham school, problems with students leaving around 3pm.
4. Ashley House Bail hostel, problems with residents in the area, the hostel itself.

Martin’s contact details are under ‘Useful Contacts’ over on the right.


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