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3 Cotham Road South, BS6 5TZ No 16/00940/CE

3 Cotham Road South Bristol BS6 5TZ
Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use as a dry cleaners since 1992.
Status Pending consideration, but Officer’s Report now on line.
Received Date 23 Feb 2016  Updated 18 March 2016

There were three letters of objection from local residents.  The application has now been withdrawn.


1 comment on “3 Cotham Road South, BS6 5TZ No 16/00940/CE”

Useful service for all the students around, and those whose machines pack up unexpectedly! It worked fine there for years, so don’t see any need to oppose. Most people used to walk to it with washing so I don’t foresee any traffic implications.

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